With all the terminology circulating these days, it can be daunting to keep the latest jargon straight. From e-cigs to vapes to rigs, you might find yourself wondering which is which and how any of them work— and that’s before factoring in all the different names for e-juice. Don’t worry. You’re not alone. If you’re looking to learn more about the world of alternative smoking, there are some ways to distinguish between an e-cig and a vape.

E-Cigs: For a Classic Smoking Experience

E-cigs have often been called “cigalikes” due to their close similarity to an actual cigarette. They were created to be the closest approximation of smoking a cigarette, both in look and feel. Though e-cigs do come in some unique flavors (popular brands often carry mint and fruit) they’re typically crafted around the more robust tastes of tobacco.

E-cigs are essentially commitment-free. Most convenience stores sell them alongside traditional tobacco products. They’re frequently designed with a shorter life span in mind and while they’re cheaper initially, buying refill cartridges can often cost as much as a pack of cigarettes. If you’re looking to transition into vaping for health reasons but you don’t want to lose the feeling of smoking a cigarette, an e-cig could be what you need. There are also plenty of online resources to learn more about what exactly goes into a typical e-cigarette.

Vapes: For Variety and Versatility

Though vapes seem quite similar to e-cigs, they have some stark differences. A lot of what makes a vaporizer—well, a vaporizer—is in the name. As opposed to the burning methods of e-cigs, vaporizers use their battery packs to heat up the e-liquid into a vapor that you then inhale. It’s a lot like the process of creating steam by heating water.

One of the biggest draws of vaping lies in all the available flavors. While it can seem overwhelming to choose an e-juice flavor at first, know that with so many options, there’s bound to be one that gels with your exact craving. Want a cookies and cream smoking experience? Or maybe something with hints of lime and menthol? You’re in luck.

Vaporizers tend to have a longer battery life, as well. If you smoke heavily, you may want to consider a vape so you can get the most bang for your buck. Though vapes have a higher entry cost (between the rig, spare coils, and a couple juice options) they offer more variety and are certainly less disposable.

Keeping it Old School

For some people, nothing is going to beat the rich taste of actual tobacco. If the idea of switching to an e-cig or vape isn’t really doing the trick for you, you can still enjoy a more traditional smoking experience.

Use the internet to your advantage, too. Visiting an online shop can save you a good chunk of change. There are plenty of places to buy tobacco online that have a wider selection and better prices than a local tobacconist.

Decisions, Decisions

You’ll have to ask yourself several questions before jumping into the world of e-cigs and vapes. Your reason behind making the switch is a big factor in which setup you decide to purchase. If you’re a heavy smoker but are concerned about the health concerns, you should look into the benefits of e-cigs and start small. Test out a kit from your local gas station or convenience store to see how you enjoy it.

If you enjoy smoking but the idea of interchangeable flavors excites you, and you want something that’s easy to recharge but durable enough to carry in your pocket, check out vape options. They cost a bit more initially, but provide a lot more options in terms of style, flavor, and capabilities.

While the craze around vaping only keeps growing, you’re bound to find a setup that works for you.