CAFM software is the perfect solution to better, more efficient management of your facilities and procedures. The wide range of software solutions available within the maintenance and management of facilities sectors can overwhelm most clients, but if you know what you are looking for, you will be able to satisfy yourself with a product that meets your needs.

The Computer Aided Facility Management software

When looking for a CAMF software solution for your business, the first and foremost area of focus is to understand what functions and applications you are going to need. Software in this industry ranges from the very basic through to the very complex, so in order to find the best software package for you, you’ll need to already have in mind what challenges you are hoping to solve.

Current CAFM software is primarily used to help with space planning. This means companies often use the software to help maximise the use of space within their buildings, making this organisation more efficient. Keeping track of physical assets is another use of this type of software, and is a far better way of managing inventories than paper or Excel based formats.

As well as this, well put together CAFM software packages will have the ability to also tackle more complex tasks, such as maintaining critical equipment in health care situations, or monitoring performance in data centres. CAFM can also help with maintaining scrupulous equipment servicing schedules and keeping on top of repairs, testing and risk assessments, helping workplaces to be safer for employees and visitors alike.

At the Service Works Group, they have developed what I believe to be the very optimum CAFM package for their client’s needs. Their QFM CAFM software is a web based and mobile compatible suite of tools for the efficient management of your building and assets. SWG have developed this high performance suite of tools to make consumer life easier, more efficient and in the long run to deliver long term cost and sustainability savings.