Testing of equipment before release to the consumer is a fundamental part of manufacturing. If that testing can be automated, it is even more valuable because the automation reduces time and expense, thus improving your bottom line.

Knowing Information About Automated Test Equipment

Traditionally, automated testing is used in the electronics industry to test electronic components and systems after they have been created. In the semiconductor industry, simple components such as inductors, resistors, and integrated circuits are tested. This same testing, however, can be used in different industries. Automated test equipment can be used in the following industries:

–  Military/Aerospace
–  Telecommunications
–  Automotive
–  Consumer
–  Industrial

Systems can be designed for your particular application to help you test your product. Four Hounds Solutions has the expertise and experience to create these applications. Furthermore, they use industry-standard software and hardware in the process of creation so upgrade and repair is both feasible and relatively easy. You will not ordinarily see Four Hounds proprietary software or hardware in your system because of their use of non-proprietary resources.

Because of their experience in the testing industry and overall expertise in adapting solutions to your particular needs, Four Hounds Solutions is your best answer to your own particular problems. Contact them at www.fourhoundsolutions.com for consultation.