On the whole, cyber fraudsters generate net pages that imitate websites of true economic organizations, banking institutions or other companies, intercept real end users and direct them to bogus sites that search and feel precisely like original website.

The quantity of phishing-attacks grows fast regardless of safety establishing company’s efforts to reduce it. RSASECURITY concerns month to month phishing-attacks reports which can be located at business official internet. The huge difficulty is victims hide the statistics since the fact of productive phishing-attack is a serious risk for the organization reputation.

The traditional phishing-attack appears as follows. Let’s assume that a fraudster chose to capture confidential data that offers accessibility on the account management zone on X bank website. Fraudster needs to entice a victim to a false website that represents a copy of X financial institution web site. As a result fraudster will get complete accessibility to victim’s account management.

Reliable, widespread and low-cost verification which can be easy to use would be the key factor in phishing-attacks prevention. One of the most powerful verification that in reality protects from phishing attacks is automated telephone verification. Verification is processed quickly without the need for an operator.

Let us examine what would occur if phone verification was used in the phishing assault described above. One particular single stage must be additional towards the authorization procedure at bank’s internet site: phone to previously stored customer’s phone quantity.
As soon as client enters right login and password information, bank sends a request with customer’s phone variety and a randomly selected code to Support Supplier. Service Supplier can make a get in touch with to user’s phone quantity, dictates the code passed from the financial institution on the user and after that hangs up. For your calls’ processing Services Companies use VoIP technological innovation that allows keeping the cost of a single verification phone minimal. Phishing will no longer be efficient for such web site as an additional safety measure is employed – automated phone verification.