There are plenty of benefits in using a water purifier bottle rather than plain old bottled water – we take a look at some of the main pros.

The Benefits Of Using A Travel Water Purifier Bottle Over Bottled Water

Easier to Carry

A high end water purifying bottle will be able to produce vast amounts of purified water over its lifetime. For example, the Lifesaver bottle 4000UF can purify 4,000 litres into clean water that is suitable for drinking. This is far easier than carrying heavy and bulky bottles with you when you are on the go or experiencing an adventure.

Valuable for Exploration

If you are travelling in the wilderness then you will come across streams and rivers – or you may be in a situation where you don’t have connection to mains-fed water and need to be able to safely clean available water for drinking. Even in the toughest and most sparse of environments, a good water purifying bottle can ensure you have a safe source of hydration.

High Tech

Modern purifying bottles use advanced technologies to provide a superior product. For example, many have automatic indicators to flag up when the cartridge is due to be replaced, taking away all the guesswork. They will have tough exteriors and carrying straps to make them robust and suitable for rigorous use in challenging environments.

Simple to Use

With a water purifier, you simply fill it up, use the pump mechanism to purify the contents and then drink them! There is no measuring out of cleansing products, no long waiting times and no unpleasant tastes or residues as you will experience if you use chlorine dioxide or chlorine to clean water.

Makes Water Taste Good

The purifying agents in the bottle make even the most muddy, cloudy or glacial water taste good, whilst ensuring it is safe to drink. The carbon filter is activated, which removes the taste of chlorine as well as the odour – something that can be very offputting otherwise with basic water purifying tablets.

BPA Free

Quality products are made from plastic that is BPA and BPS free. This helps to provide a healthier product overall.

How They Work

The products use microbiological water filtering technologies to remove bacteria, viruses, parasites and cysts from water sources that are contaminated. They use ultra-filtration to achieve levels of cleanliness that are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency in the country of manufacture. As this is a product designed to provide medical safety, quality products will come with a test certificate and full instruction manual. Used correctly they will reduce the risk of viruses, bacteria, cysts and parasites by up to 99.999pc. The addition of activated carbon filters helps to remove the taste and smell of chlorine for a better drinking experience.

So remember, rather than attempt to carry around bottled water on your adventures, a purifying water bottle is far more likely to be the better choice for a safe and stress-free journey, with all the water you need – regardless of source.