Bone marrow transplantation is a surgical procedure done to patients with defected or damaged bone marrow. The process includes replacing of the patient’s unhealthy or damaged bone marrow with the healthier bone marrow of the stem cell donor. The relatively high success rate of this medical procedure of transplanting bone marrow from one person to another is possibly due to the fact that the recipient’s genetic composition and donor’s genetic composition are very closely scrutinized and match before the surgery takes place. The total recovery time of this complex surgery is about one year but that too depends upon a lot of factors like the targeted disease that is being treated, the amounts and type of chemotherapy and radiation used. As well as other factors like how closely are the donor and recipient genetically matched and even where the transplant is performed.

Everything You Need To Know About Your Bone Marrow Transplantation

The transplantation of bone marrows can actually happen in two ways depending upon where the stem cell is taken from. One is known as the autologous transplant where the stem cell is taken from the patient himself or herself. However this cannot always be possible to do, since this procedure requires presence of healthy stem cells in the body. Another is known as the allogeneic transplant, where stem cells are procured from a donor’s body. Despite certain risks this method is done often. However bone marrow transplant cost remains on the higher side for both the procedures.

All the patients that undergo such a complex surgery require a lot of post surgery care for faster and more wholesome recovery. So Listed below are a few tips that would ensure that a patient of bone marrow transplantation gets proper and adequate post surgery care and has faster and better recovery:

  • Follow the instructions: Since this is a complex surgery with certain risks, most surgeons or doctors make it a point to provide the patient’s family or caregiver with an instruction manual, verbal or written. Following the instructions of the doctor is possibly the best way to ensure that the patient remains risk free. Do read the manual carefully paying attention to all the minute details as well as the fine print.
  • Clean environment: The most important step to proper recovery from any major surgery is the way the patient’s home is prepared or in cases under prepared. Ensure that the patient comes home to a dust free clean environment, so that their immune system remains healthy and fine. With the bone marrow transplant cost in India being high, proper care is absolutely essential.
  • Infections: One major yet common threat to the health of these patients is infection. Hence it is important to prevent it at all costs. This would mean led interactions with other people and in presence of masks and gloves. Visitors are to be kept to a bare minimum at least during the first few months.
  • Building strength: One important task for the care giver is to help the patient regain lost strength, very slowly. The key is to start small them, build the strength from there on.

With these tips, a patient undergoing bone marrow transplantation can recover fully and lead a healthy and wholesome life.