With the release of the Playstation Vita fairly recently, many people are asking themselves, ‘What is the best way tosell my oldPSP’?, and it is a good question. How you choose to sell your old PSP could considerably affect how much you get for it, and how easy it is to sell. Here we will take a brief look at the options that are available and consider some of the pros and cons of each approach.

Ways to Sell an Old PSP

You can sell your old PSP online or sell it locally. First, let’s look at selling it online.

There are two main options. You can list it on an auction site like eBay or sell if via a classified site like Craigslist.

Selling it Via an Auction Site

If you are selling it through an auction site, you need to register an account and list your item. If you are going to sell your PSP on an auction site that means taking a photo as well. Make sure that you photograph everything. Laying it out neatly and taking a good quality photo will considerably increase your chances of selling your PSP, and getting a good price for it.

Before you list your PSP, it is wise to package it up, weigh and measure it and work out the cost of postage. That way you can determine how much you need to ask for your PSP in order to make a profit. Once you have done that you are ready to list your PSP. Remember to check the auction site each day and answer any questions sellers have. If you succeed in selling it, you need to go to the post office to post it. Provided there are no disputes, you will be paid once the buyer has received it.

Selling Via a Classified Site

It is far easier to list an item on a classified site than it is on an auction site. However, make sure that you list it under the right section. If you want, you can use your real phone number when you list your item, but a lot of people choose to sign up for Google Voice and use that number instead. That way you can avoid being bombarded with marketing calls. Make sure that you get paid in cash.

As you can see, selling via a classified, or auction, site can be quite a hassle and take up quite a bit of time. Therefore, you may wish to consider a different approach.

Selling Offline

You can post a classified ad locally. If you are lucky, you will sell your PSP, but bear in mind that when the buyer collects they are likely to want to try the PSP. This means you will have to let them into your home. You can save time if you leave your PSP set up in your living room.

Whichever way you choose to sell your PSP take your time and do your research to make sure that you get a good price for it. However, you choose to do it you will not regret selling it, rather than binning it.


Author Bio –Alice Aires makes money buying and selling used goods. Follow her advice to sell your old PSP for the best price.