Taking on credit from a short-term payday loan provider should only be undertaken if you are in a position where you know your exact outgoings and incomings, and understand that come your next payday you can definitely afford to pay off the debt in full, or at least make a number of agreed repayment dates. For some people however, financial situations can change suddenly, especially in a economic climate where zero hours contracts and inflexible working hours are the norm for large swathes of the British public. In these cases it is best that you have entered into a credit agreement with a payday loan provider that offers some flexibility in loan repayment terms and dates.

For many of you, the assistance from a payday loan service would have been the last option in an emergency situation. If you have no savings for an emergency or rainy day fund, no friends or family that can help you out, then a payday loan provider may be the only way to get out of a short-term financial mess. Even if you are working with a responsible payday loan provider there will immediately be the pressure to be able to pay off the debt come next payday. But what happens if your financial situation changes for the worse again, after you have agreed to take out a short-term payday loan?

The Benefits Of A Flexible Repayment Plan

There can be a real panic in these situations, with extra payments and interest a worry for anyone, it’s only natural to think that way and worry that the debt will become a mountain that you’re unable to navigate and climb to the top of. Fresh debt on top of your already newly acquired debt shouldn’t be the only option open to you. Responsible payday loan lenders will be able to offer flexible repayment plans to help out in these dire situations.

In the last few years there has been a significant change in how online payday loan providers operate. Transparency is key to this new arrangement between lenders and borrowers in order to prevent long-term debt that is larger than the initial agreed repayment amount. The application process has been simplified so much, with website applications taking a few short details of personal, employment and financial information from applicants and providing a decision within minutes. The cash advance can be transferred to a bank account within an hour of the application being successful, but that’s not all.

On top of this new, transparent loan application process, is also a clear transparent approach to repayment terms. Not only will the applicant be able to see clearly how much is expected from them in terms of repaying the loan itself, and any related fees, but also have the flexibility of repayment dates. If you are sure you can afford to pay that little bit more over a longer repayment period, you can do so. For a low fee, a shorter repayment term can be arranged. The higher standard of online payday loan providers will be in a position to take your call should you get into further difficulty, stalling repayment and offering flexibility.

Content written by Wendy Scott