National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says that nearly 40 percent traffic accidents or deaths are due to alcohol. Alcohol is quite correctly seen as a prime threat to public security. That’s why local government and states have introduced the strictest intoxicated driving regulations in history lately.

One such act OUI aims at eliminating any sort of loopholes, excuses and exemptions by the motorists trying to conceal themselves to get away with DWI charges.

What is Operating Under Influence?

By switching from the usual DWI and DUI laws to the most severe OUI statutes, a state made its way to the news headline. The distinguishing factor between OUI from DWI and DUI is that in OUI the actual operation of the vehicle is not compulsory.

Under DWI and DUI statutes, an individual can only be charged of a crime if driving under influence. On the contrary under OUI canons, even if the vehicle is start with the keys in ignition, the driver may be arrested. In such cases, the driver should contact an expert OUI attorney as soon as the problem arises.

The Rationale

The prime reason behind switching from operating under DWI and DUI laws is that many inebriated driving offenders repeat the same, as they do not face any penalties. Most drunk drivers, who exceed the legally allowed maximum speed limit, pull off at the side of the road after they realize that they were too drunk to drive.

The traffic police would not be able to arrest them because the car would be parked aside. Even though the drivers had broken the law just a few minutes earlier, they did not face any consequences. This gave the criminals the authority to decide where they could drive inebriated without contacting an OUI solicitor.

OUI laws have eliminated this loophole from the system by giving the police officers the authority to arrest those found in the car under influence of any intoxicated drink or drugs, with the keys in ignition.

Call A Lawyer

Contact a well-reputed OUI lawyer if an officer stops you for inebriated driving. There are ways of protecting yourself from huge fines and harsh penalties, like in case of charges imposed for DWI or DUI offences.

Defense Policies

The OUI attorney first reviews the official police report in order to establish whether or not the officer observed the correct procedure. In case the police officer missed out on a step or did not inform the driver of his/her rights, the case will not be proceed any further owing to improper conduct. The same would apply if the officers stopped you for no valid reason.

The prosecution has to determine that a driver was drunk if stopped by the side of the road.

Merely sensing alcohol or guessing alcoholism level is not sufficient to clear the first obstacle. Your attorney might suggest the dismissal of charges levied on being intoxicated if it cannot be verified reasonably. A qualified OUI advocate can assist in protecting the rights of their clients if charged for Operating Under Influence.

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