DUI or Driving Under Influence is not taken very seriously by most drivers. It is a major offence with dire consequences both in terms of the physical damage it causes as well as the charges faced by the offender. The inability to comprehend the insinuations of Driving Under Influence can lead to harsh consequences for a lot of people if found guilty. It maybe wrongfully believed that DUI offenders are charged only with fines. To avoid such misconceptions and getting stuck in a seriously worrisome situation, seeking the expertise of a qualified attorney experienced in Driving Under Influence cases is essential.

Among other possibilities, stripping, suspension or revoking of the license are some major penalties involved in Driving Under Influence charges. This would ultimately lead to other problems with the insurance company as they are very likely to raise premium or in extreme cases even refuse insurance altogether. DUI charges can become a serious threat to the livelihood of professional drivers without seeking help from expert attorneys in Driving Under Influence cases.

DUI charges are also dependent on the past record. For offenders who have faced penalties for Driving Under Influence in the past, the charges imposed are much higher than first time offenders. Although first time offenders can do away by merely paying a fine, multiple DUI charges mean they will be paying higher fines or perhaps even have to be put behind bars.

Other than the number of times the offense has been committed, DUI charges are also affected by certain factors such as the presence of a minor in the car as well as the content of alcohol detected in the driver’s blood. If Driving Under Influence results in an accident, the seriousness of injury caused to all those involved would also be taken into account and in case of death, major felony charges are imposed. Being found guilty is very likely to lead to imprisonment.

Although preventing such a situation is the best policy, only an expert attorney with the experience to build a strong case to defend the driver can help in dissolving the charges or reducing them significantly. Under such circumstances, the offender will not have presence of mind to do more than just hiring an attorney. These professionals would handle all the legal details including paperwork, providing guidance and support throughout the process. Only the very well informed offenders can handle their own cases in averting DUI charges through extensive knowledge on the subject.

In hiring a lawyer, it is important to know that all attorneys have the legal proficiency for Driving Under Influence cases. However, those that specialize particularly in the field of DUI cases would be the best choice as they would have years of experience in addition to technical command over the subject. While taking the decision of hiring legal help, it is important to ensure the attorney works in the same locality of the hearing so that he or she is attuned to the laws and legal discrepancies of the state.

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