When your best mate is getting married and it’s your job to send him off with a stag do, you might find yourself struggling to think of ideas for how to go about it.  You don’t want to do what everyone else does; that’s just boring.  You want to plan a unique experience that you and all your mates will tell tales on at the pub for years to come.  It’s his last night as a free man, after all.

Give Your Best Mate A Send Off To Remember

Stuck for Ideas for your Mates Stag Party?

At first it probably seems great that there are so many options out there for throwing a legendary stag party.  But, having so many options can get overwhelming pretty fast, especially when you start looking at costs.  Alcohol, transportation, event tickets, hotels – all these things start adding up, and not everyone has the expendable quid after the bills get paid.  So, it’s best if you start narrowing down the options to things that you know your mate would really enjoy.  For example, if he’s teetotal, you wouldn’t want to take him for a pub crawl.  It might be funny for the rest of you to try and get him pissed, but he might end up not enjoying himself – or worse, he’ll be so hung over the next morning that he’s late for his own wedding!

If it’s a fall or winter wedding, the weather will be its usual grey, windy and rainy in Britain, so maybe heading down south to warmer, sunnier climes will suit.  Although, sunburn is a real concern, so if you’re going to do that make sure to pack lots of sunscreen.  Nobody wants to be sunburned in their wedding photos; or at least, their future wife won’t want them to be.

Need to Keep the Party Local? Don’t Worry We have Some Ideas to Help You

If traveling just isn’t in the cards, you’ll also want to take into consideration sporting events or concerts.  You can split a hotel room to party at prior to the event and crash at afterward, and make a whole day of it.  The only thing you’ll really need to worry about is getting your mate into his penguin suit and to the chapel on time.

If your mate is a bit of a thrill seeker, there are also lots of interesting outdoor activities – like Beamish Wild Stag Parties – that give you the opportunity to experience the great outdoors from a whole new vantage point. If you’ve never had the pleasure of going down a zip line, you’ll definitely want to give it a try.  It may not be as high flying as sky diving – which is what my brother did for his stag do – but it can still set your heart to racing.

Know Your Stag!

If your mate is an outdoorsman, there are also all sorts of obstacle courses and races that you can enter in – either as individuals or as a team.  Some of them even help contribute to charity.  Who doesn’t like to show off all the hard work that they put in at the gym, while supporting a cause they really believe in?  You can take pride in knowing that you not only crossed the finish line, but that you are giving back, when you cross that finish line.

If you’re a true man’s man, you might consider planning a hunting trip.  Nothing quite says ‘stag party’ like bagging a stag yourself.  The options are truly endless, when it comes to creative ways to give your mate a great send off.  It’s the last night of his single life, and your chance to make memories that not only last – but have to be retold time and again.  How are you going to make it a night to remember?