Weight loss supplements have become essential for those who find it difficult to lose extra pounds through dieting and exercise. These supplements when taken with a good diet and regular exercises can be a great help to make you fit and healthy.

advantages and disadvantages of using Hydroxycitric Acid

Benefits of Hydroxycitric Acid

Hydroxycitric Acid is such effective in helping lose weight that it has become an almost essential component in a majority of weight loss supplements found today.  There are many supplements that contain HCA; you can find it in the ingredient list. You will also get Garcinia cambogia supplements which also contain HCA and it is known as the standardized form of HCA.

You will find numerous reviews of HCA on the internet and other platforms and most of these reviews seem to present the product as a miracle, which it is not. These are supplements and that means they can help but when backed with good diet and exercise.

In reality, HCA is not a synthetic chemical but it is a natural substance found in many plants, of which Garcinia cambogia is one. It enhances metabolism which means the fats are burnt effectively to convert it into energy. There have been many studies to this effect but on animals, whereas studies on humans have not come out yet. Another benefit of HCA is that it can also help in the burning of stored fat as well as prevent storing of excess fat. One, it helps in the burning of all the fat consumed and second, which ever fat is not burnt, it is excreted out of the body. The results in human studies are inconclusive.

The cons about Hydroxycitric Acid

Some or the other side effects are commonly seen with the use of weight loss supplements. Some users did report symptoms of nausea, diarrhea and vomiting on the consumption of HCA.  HCA is  a weight loss compound but there has been no authentic scientific studies yet to claim that it can reduce hunger pangs or increase the process of fat burning.

Primarily, HCA is believed to trigger lipid oxidation and reduce development of fat cells. Another point to know is that it may work on slightly overweight individuals but for extreme obesity, it is better to consult a doctor.

There have been studies on HCA but one study on slightly obese people proves that HCA can be effective in helping lose weight. But in the study, the participants were given HCA supplements along with a low calorie diet and they were asked to exercise as well. At the end of a few weeks, it was found that they did lose weight. Thus, the weight loss supplements can be effective and can work provided the users take a diet that is low in calorie count and they also do their exercises regularly.

Thus, before you take any weight loss supplements, it is important that you read about it, understand what ingredients are contained in it and then, find the usages and benefits and finally, come to a conclusion only if you think, they have constituents that have weight loss properties.