On the market for a new smartphone? Then you are in luck. Now is the best time of the year to be shopping for the newest and greatest smartphones with many of the most anticipated and best models available in phone shops across Australia. We have taken a look at the pros and the cons of each of the best Android smartphones in Australia so that you can make the best choice for your budget and lifestyle. Kicking off our list is the Samsung Galaxy S6.

The 4 Best Android Smartphones Of 2015 Available In Australia

1. The Samsung Galaxy S6

Pros: Speedy, smooth, and powerful.  Good battery life, easy to operate.

Cons: Expensive and glass that can crack when dropped.

There is a reason why this smartphone has been included on nearly every list of the “best” smartphones for 2015: it’s a fantastic phone. Being well designed and easy to use, the S6 is simple yet sophisticated. It has a great new design, featuring a glass front and a metal trim (the S6 Edge has a curved edge screen) and the camera is absolutely outstanding.

2. The HTC One Mg

Pros: Great sound quality, beautiful design, sharp display

Cons: Inferior camera, poor battery life

The chicest and attractive phone available today is the HTC One Mg. This classy phone boasts a splash of gold and smooth trim. It is powerful and smooth. Being made of aluminium, it is lightweight and easy to carry. The camera may disappoint some who are accustomed to having a top notch camera on their phone. Depending on how you use your phone, the battery life may also be a cause of concern for some.

3. The OPPO Find 7

Pros: High-resolution screen, powerful processor, impressive features

Cons: Lacklustre design

The OPPO Find 7 is the only other phone that features a 5.5-inch high-resolution display other than the LG G3 (which typically costs at least $100 more than the Find 7). This is not the newest innovation from OPPO but continues to be one of the most popular. It is well constructed, loaded with features, provides users with fantastic sound quality and has an impressive battery life. It is the ideal “every day phone” that has a better price tag than most other phones in its class.

4. The Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

Pros: Compact and waterproof

Cons: Inferior camera, unimpressive battery life

For those who love to play games on their PlayStation, this may be the best phone for you. This phone has the unique ability to show your PlayStation screen in the event that someone else is using the television – meaning you can continue to game or access other features of the PlayStation. The Xperia Z3 Compact deserves mention on this list because, though a smaller phone with a 4.7-inch display and only 720p, it is still best in its class. It’s affordable, yet for those who love snapping pictures at night, consider another phone.  Many users have reported that this phone is prone to “light bleeding” in the dark.