Every year one or another company comes up with something new in the photo booth industry. Since the inception of the photo booth rental industry, photo booths have evolved many times and became the most demanding thing for the parties, weddings and corporate events all around the globe.

Now is the time when not someone somewhere but everyone everywhere is trying to invent something new which can be used by all. Let’s move forward and see some extraordinary socially acceptable new invention in the photo booth industry.

Here are some hottest photo booth ideas that are making waves around the corner, have a look and add some color to your celebrations.

Video Messages

Video messages can be very good for the weddings.They allow the guests to record the messages and thoughts about the bride and the groom and also related to the weddings, what they love and what not. They are really very suitable for the weddings because one can record anything for the happy couple on their big day.

Interactive Photo Booth Options

Everyone comes to wedding for two purpose mostly one to congratulate and be a part of their loved ones on their special day and also for to enjoy the day as most of the people loves something a little bit interactive. A graffiti wall, fun props and custom collage framing options allow the guests to get involved in new and unique activities at weddings.

If you are in love with this concept, then do not wait and book it for your next occasion. This will add an extra flavor and edge to your wedding party. Graffiti wall is itself a unique and interactive way to send each guest a party favor.

Instagram Photo Booth

This Instagram photo booth has added a great impact on the people who love photo booths. It provides a different kind of experience which other photo-booths can provide. Offer your guests a complete new experience by creating a print photo favor that exactly looks like Instagram posts. Moreover, one can also customize the taken photos.

Steps involved in it are :-

  • Take a photo with Instagram.
  • Add custom hashtag while posting pictures to Instagram.
  • Print photos instantly at Instagram photo booth.

Creative Backdrop

There are photo booths available in the market in which one can add different backgrounds to add extra spice to the pictures taken.

Fun Signs

Now there are options available in the market in which you can add props and fun signs with their photo booth and Photoshop favors. Add some funny logos and name with fun photo systems today.

Photo Frame Wall

A very creative+innovative photo booth trends among all the ones is photo frame wall: a wall adorned with some empty frames and pictures that allow the guests to appear in the frames. Arrange different themes of parties and popped it up in antique frames for some clever and creepy photos.