PDF converter for Mac is single and most comprehensive PDF tool for Mac users to convert PDF files to Word, Excel, Power Point, Images, EPUB and plain Texts. User can choose any format of his/her need he/she wants to convert the PDF file to and convert within a single program. High efficiency, preservation quality, encrypted conversion support and flexibility are some of the most prominent features of PDF converter for Mac.

All the components and elements of the original PDF document such as formatting, layouts, texts, images, hyperlinks, tables, columns and graphics are faithfully preserved in the converted file. These individual elements which were previously not extractable in the original PDF file can now be extracted out of converted file and used in any other application according to the need.

Features Of PDF Converter For Mac

PDF converter for Mac shows high degree of efficiency by having the ability to convert up to 200 separate PDF files at once. With this high degree of efficiency it also offers the freedom to convert these hundreds of files to different formats in one go. Partial conversion feature of PDF converter for Mac allows the users to select pages separately or a range of pages from each PDF file. This feature is really handy when it comes to extracting and converting only some pages that are needed instead of whole large multi-page PDF file. You can see how it works at http://www.iskysoft.com/pdf-converter-mac.html.

PDF converter for Mac offers a tremendous amount of flexibility for customization as well. Users have the luxury of customization specific to each format they want to convert to. For example they can decide whether to keep the original text and background colors or not especially in the HTML and EPUB conversions. They can discard or add images and hyperlinks at their will. They can also decide to retain the original layout and formatting or they can simply change the formatting according to their unique needs and taste.
Another unique feature of the PDF converter is its ability to support encrypted PDF file conversions which means that if the printing and editing of the PDF file is restricted by password, you can convert it into another format using PDF converter without the need of the password. Of course if opening the file itself is password protected then you can hardly do anything except entering the required password.

Converting files into other formats has never been so easier as has become with PDF converter for Mac. Its simple drag and drop operation for adding or removing PDF files to be converted makes it look simple and easy. Order of conversion of PDF files can be manipulated according to your will by simply dragging the added files up or down the queue. Three simple steps and you are done with converting as many files as you want. Import the file or files you want to convert by dragging them onto the interface of PDF converter or by adding them from the menu tab, choose the format you want to convert to, click convert and you are done with converting your files to your desired formats.