The air-conditioning system in your vehicle is as important as the other parts and requires equal, or probably, more maintenance to ensure the smooth running. This servicing can assure you that you are not uncomfortable in those hot summer months when a cool air conditioner is a boon while driving.

The Refrigerant

The air-conditioner refrigerant in your vehicle contains oil which does the job of lubricating and cooling the parts of the air-conditioner. With the leakage of this oil, the AC might yet give out cool air but the parts tend to wear out faster as they lack enough of lubrication required for protection. Servicing of the auto air-conditioner is thus, essential. Replacing the refrigerant when required is important as this refrigerant tends to gather the moisture and gets corroded. This can be the cause of leakage in the system and repairing this is an expensive affair. Fresh refrigerant is able to protect the components of the air-conditioning system and is able to keep the system running efficiently.

Some Indication that the Auto Air-condition requires servicing

1. A Weak Air-flow by the Air-conditioner System:

There are multiple causes of a weak air flow in an auto air-conditioner and it is necessary to check this as soon as possible to avoid a major break-down. Some of the causes are

  • If the ventilation fan is not blowing out air
  • The evaporated core might have mildew or mold being accumulated. This is due to the residual moisture occurring during the evaporation process.
  • A hose has become loose. This is normally with the blower hose supplying air to the unit for blowing.
  • The evaporator core seals, blower hose seals or the core case seals have opened up which results in the diminishing the air-flow. The system of air-conditioners in vehicles is sensitive and it is important that these seals are shut and sealed well.

Some Of The Causes Of The Failure Of Auto Air-Conditioners

2. System not as Cooling as before:

Lack of cold air can be caused due to

  • A failed compressor clutch or compressor
  • A failed blower motor resistor or motor blower
  • Either damaged or failed evaporator or condenser
  • Vacuum leaks
  • A failed hose, seal, component or o-ring causing a Freon leak
  • A failed control module, fuse, switch, solenoid, blend door

If the cause of the leak is diagnosed well in time it can be repaired easily and be cost-effective but if this is neglected for a long period of time there are possibilities of major damage to the AC system in your car, which will prove to be expensive and time consuming.

Some Of The Causes Of The Failure Of Auto Air-Conditioners

3. The AC Cools but Warm Air let Out:

There are times when you realize that the AC starts cooling but after some time there is warm air being let out. The main causes of this is

  • The clutch not being able to engage with the compressor which in turn can lead the compressor not being able to maintain the right pressure which results in hot air.
  • The fuse being blown out, there is no supply to specific parts.
  • You need to be aware that the expansion valve is able to distribute the required amount of refrigerant to the evaporator and with the blockage of the valve, the refrigerant is unable to flow into the evaporator with the valve being clogged.
  • Leaks are normally caused due to some sort of damage or even with the moisture being present. When the refrigerant and moisture seem to mix, the seals along with the components are eaten away by the acids which are corrosives.

Besides this there are other problems which can be the cause of your auto air-conditioner not being able to work efficiently. You need to find the apt servicing center for auto air conditioners, keeping their experience and knowledge of this system into focus.