ELISA is a test that checks for and measures antibodies in your blood. The test can help you determine if you have antibodies that can cause infections. In case you have any virus like HIV, pernicious anemia, rotavirus, squamous cell carcinoma, toxoplasmosis, zika virus, varicella-zoster virus, etc. present in your body, then your doctor can ask you to take up the test.

Some Basic Principles Of Competitive ELISA Over The Others!

The competitive ELISA is a competitive binding process performed by the original antigen (sample) and add-in antigen. The procedures conducted for competitive ELISA are different of some sorts when compared to Indirect ELISA, Sandwich ELISA, and Direct ELISA. A simplified procedure list may have the following:

  1. The primary antibody is generally brooded with the original antigen.
  2. The plate is thoroughly washed to remove unbound antibody.
  3. The secondary antibody which is related with primary antibody and conjugated to an enzyme is added.
  4. A substrate is used, and the remaining enzymes obtain either a chromogenic or a fluorescent signal.

Advantages of Competitive ELISA

  1. For competitive Elisa principle, the higher is the amount of original antigen, the weaker will be the signal. The main benefit of competitive ELISA is its ability to make use of the impure samples for binding antigen selectively that could be present.
  2. High detailing, since two antibodies used for the antigen/analyst may specifically be compromised and detected
  3. Suitable for samples which are complex, since the antigen does not need purification before measuring the sample.
  4. Flexible and sensitive, since both direct and indirect search methods can be used

The bound label amount is just inversely proportional to the labeled antigen concentration. This simply means that more the amount of label detected, the less there is of patient antigen. Increased antigen content results in reduced binding of the antigen-enzyme conjugate with the antibody producing low-quality enzyme activity and formation of color.

There is no special preparation for this test. There is no preceding procedure for taking the test.  One can quickly take up the test by consulting with their doctor. ELISA is a very valid test which doctors subscribe, and it is not compelled by the doctors. It depends on the patient whether to take the test or not. Tests could either be positive or negative after the tests. Hence, further tests should be made to thoroughly ensure the reliability of results. You can ensure that this test is reliable and you can get the proper result within first few infection check-ups.