A cup of black tea can be one of the most satisfying teas for both regular tea drinkers as well as tea connoisseurs. With black teas, you can expect a wholesome experience of tea aroma, taste, flavor and satisfaction, all at once. This highly oxidized variety of tea is robust, strong and leaves a lingering taste that most people fancy. From traditional Earl Grey teas to English Breakfast and Darjeeling, Black Teas come in several different varieties, each one of them known for their unique flavor. For instance, breakfast tea is full bodied, rich and perfect for drinking with milk and sugar, while Earl Grey fancies everyone with its unique bergamot flavor. Teas from Darjeeling on the other hand have their own distinct flavor, which allows you to use them as Earl Grey, English breakfast, English Afternoon or Masala Chai Teas.

Savory quality is the defining element of these teas. Their deep malty and slight nutty taste makes them perfect for complementing biscuits, cakes or other baked goods. Its crisp taste is further enhanced when infused with herbaceous and spicy flavors, making it perfect for those who want something energizing and refreshing.

One of the best things about black teas in general and Darjeeling black teas in particular is that they don’t lose their flavor soon. For instance, Green tea may begin to lose its flavors by six months, while black teas can last intact for years. That’s why you can always have stocks of black tea at your home or office. You can easily get these teas at affordable wholesale prices and therefore buy in larger quantities to save money.

Want To Buy Wholesale Black Tea? Use This Guide

When you decide to buy it on wholesale, ensure that you prefer websites that purely deal with tea. Choose someone who offers 100 percent pure unblended Indian teas, because India offers the best when it comes to teas and only unblended leaves can offer you the flavor that you are hoping for.

If you are planning to buy black tea on wholesale, prefer companies that are 100 percent certified. In India, the Ministry of Commerce has a Tea Board, which provides authorized certifications. This not just ensures their purity and integrity, but also ensures that the tea has been sourced ethically, with no middlemen involvement. This in turn will help you get the best prices for the black tea, without the hassle of dealing with importers, distributors, stockists, wholesalers and re-sellers.

Also, always buy from someone who can provide you with 100 gm or so of starter’s samplers. This will help you taste the teas, allowing you to know the flavor before buying larger quantities. You can get introduction sampler, beginners’ free samplers, autumn flush tea samplers, organic, black, first flush second flush or even muscatel black tea at affordable prices. Accordingly, you can buy invest in large quantities.