Are you an electronics lover? Then the basic skill you need is soldering. Soldering is a simple task in which you can master with the help of simple soldering tips and tricks. Here this article is to make you a master through the tips and tricks. Before starting a project you should know what is soldering and what are the precautions needed to use it safely.

Soldering Techniques-How To Solder Tips and Tricks Simple Ways To Arrange Components On PCB

What is Soldering?

It is the process of joining two pieces of metal together through a strong bond. Commonly alloy mixture of lead and tin having low melting point is used as the solder to join metals together.

Materials Required:

  • Soldering Iron
  • Soldering Iron Stand
  • Solder lead
  • Flux


  • Properly check the wires of soldering iron and the plug. Make sure that it is safe to use
  • Use a soldering iron stand to place soldering iron. Do not lay it down
  • Better is to wear a glove before starting the project
  • Choose a well-ventilated place to start your project
  • Don’t touch at tip of soldering iron with your hand

How to Solder:

  1. Select a well-ventilated room and place a cardboard piece or mat on ground. Place all soldering accessories there.
  2. Place your soldering iron on the stand and plug it. Now soldering iron tip will get the specific temperature in a few minutes.
  3. Fix the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) on a frame or wise to make it stable.
  4. Take the hot soldering iron and clean the tip using a clean wet sponge. This is very important step to clean your soldering iron otherwise it will decrease soldering efficiency. When soldering iron became hot it will start oxidize and quickly become dirt.
  5. Now use flux, it helps in removing the oxide dirt in soldering iron tip and make them absent when you solder. Flux has a melting point lower than solder. So that it will melt before solder and completes it work in removing oxides.
  6. Now place your soldering lead on the tip of soldering iron. It will get melted and a small drop will be there at soldering iron tip.
  7. Now place the components properly in the PCB to solder and place the soldering iron tip to solder the component in PCB. Place melted solder properly to the gap and fix the component properly in the PCB.
  8. Now allow the board to cool and after some time check if the soldering done properly.