The site supervisor’s safety training scheme or training is made especially for those site workers who are likely to take higher responsibilities in a construction site. This training is given to the site workers in order to ensure safety in working methods and safety of co-workers and to reduce the possibility of any mishaps. The training provides basic guidelines on health and safety of workers and liabilities which the supervisor is about to take.

Companies, which are accredited by CITB and constructions skills, can only provide the training on SSSTS training.

Post training it is expected that a supervisor should understand the following things-

  •        Legal health & safety responsibilities
  •        Welfare & environment related safety issues
  •        Environment & welfare related activities
  •        Supervise the safety of working in construction site


Some of the highlights of SSSTS Training include Health and Safety of the workers Act, 1974; health and safety regulation; identification of specific construction sites; substances hazardous to health; working at heights; control of sub-contractors; health of workers and contractors.

The trainers are qualified health and safety consultants in construction working sites, risk management etc. and deliver the courses in two days.

During the course the delegates are required to make short assessments given to them which they have to complete. And on successful completion they are awarded CITB certificate.

Other important topics which are covered under the course are construction accidents. The supervisor has to record the number of accidents, types of accidents and the most important the cause of the accidents like manhandling machine or default in machine or fall from height etc. and make a report of it and submitted to the head.

Legal Acts

The legal provisions which are covered under health and safety which is provided under the Labor Law Act; Workers Compensation Act etc. The legal guidelines includes that time and hours of the work for workers which should not be reduced or increased, proper wages and compensation in case of leave. Health related guidelines like a worker suffering from contagious disease should not be allowed to work etc. The supervisor has to take care of all the above which is explained in the training session.

The training also provides guidelines and notes on risk assessment in the areas like work at height, the precautions to be taken which is complete responsibility of supervisor; noise; the hours of working and time period for use of such hazardous machines; occupational health and weekly supervising with regards health of worker; fire-risks involved and methods to solve the risks; emergency equipment’s; handling of emergency equipment; use of equipment etc. Electricity; its uses; limitations; safety and confined spaces; increase of space etc. are trained to the construction supervisor.

The SSSTS training and guidelines on which the training is given should be mandatory for all construction site supervisors for future safety of workers. The training is short term and includes wide range of topics related to construction site & work related issues. Moreover, It increases the work potential of the business greatly.