The telecom industry changes quickly and companies need to be flexible. Managing telecom assets is one of the core capabilities of Teltech. This Colorado and Texas based company has locations in five states has helped telecom companies since 1999 to utilize their excess and decommissioned equipment. In recent years, Teltech has become the wireless industry’s first choice for asset management and engineering services for all stages of the wireless network life-cycle.

Managing Telecom Assets

Teltech’s telecom asset management services include equipment refurbishment, spares management and kitting, consignment resale, recycling, and legacy network asset management.

Teltech oversees the segregation of equipment between resale, reuse, or recycle from start to finish. Customers have these options: preparation of equipment for reuse or preparation for resale. (Teltech seeks buyers on their clients’ behalf.) If a piece of equipment is no longer of value, the company will scrape it to its lowest point with zero landfill impact.