Nonprofits tend to have a difficult time spreading awareness of their services, local problems within the community, desired donations, requests for volunteers, and encouraging adoptions. Every nonprofit animal rescue should have materials on hand to not only spread awareness of their organization, but to educate the public on the critical problems the local community is facing.
Gaining Awareness For A New Nonprofit Animal Rescue

Powerpoints for Events, Meetings, and Social Media 

A custom Powerpoint design is perfect for spreading awareness, as it can include facts, statistics, images, video clips, sounds, and more to keep an audience fully engaged during the length of the presentation. Brochures and booklets only work if the recipient opens them and is captivated by the text, or if there is no time to explain the content within the brochure. Powerpoints can be shown at adoption events, volunteer luncheons, fundraising events, and displayed in a video format on social networking sites.

Social Media Storming 

If an organization has several volunteers and supporters with large networks of friends, the nonprofit can take the social media platforms by storm. Posting important information regarding local strays or low cost programs, large rescue operations in need of fosters, or fundraising events can help to raise awareness. However, having them shared by dozens or hundreds of people greatly affects their ability to reach far and wide, hopefully capturing the hearts of millions.

Attending Local and Statewide Events 

One of the best ways to gain awareness is to go where the people are. Nonprofits can set up tents and displays, even bringing along fundraising merchandise and pets available for adoption, at these events. Fairs, carnivals, flea markets, arts and crafts shows, farmer’s markets, local heritage events, and many more are great places to apply to. Every event has a vendor application form or phone number, and many allow non profits to join in with the vendors. Nonprofits can receive lots of attention among the thousands of attendees.

A new nonprofit startup may have a lot of trouble being seen by the public for its first few years. By spreading awareness via the many outlets, cyber platforms, and local events that are available, the rescue may begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel very quickly. This will bring more donations, volunteers, and adopters; in turn, the rescue can increase capacity, care for more animals, and save more lives.