At the beginning, breaking into media meant being exclusively confined to print. Nowadays however, media is growing. It is rapidly expanding beyond the constraints of paper and ink, and into a boundless digital realm. Print is out of fashion; yesterday’s news and today’s chip wrappers. And with this development of the digital side to media, so too have we seen the expansion of the job market, including the creation of entirely new careers such as digital marketing and SEO Glasgow consultants and pay-per-click analysts. This all comes as good news to Millennials. Despite the negativity surrounding this generation of workers, and fears over the impact of the economic recession of 2008 on their social and financial welfare, media positions itself as the professional field most welcoming to this eager new workforce. In this domain, Generation Y will far outstrip their professional mentors, with their second nature approach to social media and technological dexterity.

Digital Me-dia: How You Can Get Yourself On The Media Circuit

Your Employers

Every year media and communications companies top the list of the best UK Graduate Employers, proving the abundance of careers available in this fast-paced and exciting sector. Among the top competitors are big-name businesses such as Sky and the BBC. At Sky, they offer a wide range of career opportunities, taking on new staff every year not just in the more limited role of journalists and TV presenters, but in behind the scenes roles too, such as Technology and Product Development and HR. This is a trend marked in a fellow household name, the BBC. They have appeared in the Top Ten of The Times’ authoritative Top 100 Graduate Employers, for the year 2016-2017, and with their current employment performance, look to top the polls yet again next year. It’s not just the abundance of exciting careers the BBC offers that attracts the country’s graduates, but the impressive benefits included in the employment package. Not only do they start their employees on a competitive starting salary, but they offer a great range of tax-free benefits like childcare vouchers and illness, accident and travel insurance.

Glasgow SEO Services: The Future of Online Marketing

If, however, you prefer to work in a smaller media enterprise, you’re not stuck for opportunities either. Recent years have seen a huge surge in small businesses, that offer all the same career opportunities and benefits, yet in a closer, more intimate working environment. One such company is the Glasgow SEO Services company, Smarter Digital Marketing. Set up in August 2014, this small business is fast making a name for itself amongst the big boys of the Digital Marketing industry. Not only have they taken on an impressive number of varied clients in their first two years, but their team has expanded in size in order to deal with the growing demands being made on the company. Nonetheless, the team remains close-knit and personable, offering a professional digital marketing experience to their clients on a first-name, friendly basis.

Digital Me-dia: How You Can Get Yourself On The Media Circuit

Your Strategies

To get ahead in the media and communications game these days, it’s simply not enough to be able to write a good article. Bosses expect their employees to be fluent in the digital language, and up-to-date with recent developments in social media and online communication. This is essential proof of the sharp analytical skills and practical abilities needed to engage with today’s culture and economy. It’s clear that, for budding Media-ites, it’s imperative to have active Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Moreover, setting up a profile on LinkedIn allows young professionals to interact with potential employers and co-workers, as well as showcase their networking skills and make a name for themselves in the industry.