Wholesale meat can be purchased by businesses or private individuals; it should be significantly cheaper than buying from the local supermarket and should also be of better quality.  Buying wholesale is likely to involve purchasing in bigger quantities than your local supermarket but there are many benefits to purchasing your meat wholesale.There are several things you should consider before buying your wholesale meat:


When buying wholesale it may be tempting to purchase a large quantity, particularly if this provides additional savings to the standard price.  However, even fresh meat should only be kept for a limited amount of time in the freezer.  It is best to purchase only what you know you can either eat or sell within three to six weeks.  Your wholesale supplier should have more stock for when you need it again!


The meat you purchase should be of top quality.  Buying wholesale means you are buying directly from the farmer.  You should be able to see that the meat is fresh and that the animals are well looked after.  You should also not be afraid to ask questions regarding the living conditions of the animals and what they have been fed.


It is important to buy your wholesale meat from a reputable source.  The best businesses will have websites and will have received positive reviews on social media sites.  They are likely to be able to provide you with references if required.  They should also have been in business for a reasonable amount of time.  An example of one such business is soloways.ca, a firm which is based in Canada and has been trading since 1927.  They are open regarding the contents of their food and are dedicated to providing the best possible customer service and quality products.


Before you purchase your wholesale meat it is important that you know how much storage space you have available.  Fresh meat can only be kept in a refrigerator for three or four days; after that it must be put into a freezer.  You should make sure you have enough space in your freezer for all the items you purchase; this will ensure nothing goes to waste.


It is best to locate a good wholesale meat provider near your home or business; you do not want to be driving long distances in order to collect your meat.  Long journeys will require you to have adequate refrigerator facilities within your transport vehicle.


Of course, it is essential to know the current price of meat in your local butchers and supermarket before you deal with a wholesale meat supplier.  You may have to factor delivery costs or collection costs into the price they are charging you.  It is essential to know what is a fair price before you start your negotiation with a wholesale provider; it will be of little benefit to negotiate a price that is little different or more than that which you would pay on the high street!

Wholesale meat can be an excellent way to save money; providing you are prepared before you buy.