Zoomlock are an innovative fitting product that provide braze free copper fittings for refrigerators and air conditioning units. For those working in these industries, it could be exactly what you are looking for.

The time and cost that can be saved by connecting tubes without brazing is hard to underestimate. Tradesmen who have taken on this new innovation have described it as “paying for itself on a daily basis”, and cite the speed of its installation as something that sets it apart from traditional equivalents.

Zoomlock also requires less equipment and even less experience. No flame is required for Zoomlock, therefore no gas tanks, permits or relative safety equipment are needed either. This also means you have more flexibility as to where and when you work.

Save Time, Save Money

A times cost analysis showed that removing the need to braze can make a 40-50% reduction in outgoings – which means you save money and labour. Zoomlock fittings are patented technology, based around the technique of crimping. Using the supplied tools, fittings can be made simply and efficiently by almost anyone. It requires minimal preparation and takes just a few minutes to make joins or fittings.

Once the pipes have been correctly prepared, a specialist crimping tool will then fit them together, marking the join with a stamp to show it has been completed correctly. The resulting one-piece joint is reliable and leak-proof, maintaining the same quality and integrity as traditional fittings.

In the unlikely event that a Zoomlock fitting is not correctly installed, it is simple to retry and correct any issues.

These products have received overwhelmingly positive praise for their efficiency and cost saving – “it can save us money on site, which we can pass on to our customers”.

When compared to traditional brazing, Zoomlock makes a saving on time of up to 77% on a single fitting! It isn’t difficult to imagine how much this can save on a month to month basis, or on bigger jobs.

Fit for Any Job

Zoomlock connectors are available in in a variety of fittings from 1/4″ to 1/8″ and also come in elbow and tee shape fittings. Terminals are also available in all of the main gauges. Zoomlock tools are required to use the fittings, which can be bought at licensed retail outlets.

Whilst this product does save a lot of time on installation, there is some preparation required. The Zoomlock fittings feature ‘O’ rings, which can be damaged during the process if the correct preparations are not made. Once the copper pipe has been cut to length, it is necessary to clean the ends and sand them to a smooth finish to ensure a proper connection is made.

Those in plumbing trade should quickly realise the benefits of using braze-free fittings on installations. Removing the need for flame work saves time, money and reduces associated risks and delays. The products are reliable and versatile, not to mention they should pay for themselves after the first job.