Utility bills, eh? We all hate them but you just can’t do much about them except shut up and pay, can you? Well, maybe that isn’t exactly the case anymore thanks to smart, modern innovations. There are a number of ways of reducing your bills this way and here are some of the best ones.  Adding solar panels from White Plains roofers can really reduce your energy bills every year.

Don’t Keep All the Lights On

One of the most noticeable improvements in any home with smart technology is with the lighting. You might think that having more control over the lighting in your home is a bit of a gimmick but it can actually bring you some useful benefits and cost savings. A good example is if you have the habit of going to the bathroom during the night. Some people leave the bathroom light on constantly to avoid having to struggle their way there in the dark. A far better idea is to have a lighting system which you can operate from your bed. In some cases you can even just activate a low level light path which leads you to the right room. Apart from that, you can also use motion detectors to automatically turn off lights which you no longer need.

Don’t Keep the Lights So Bright

Instead of having your light bulbs blazing away when you are in the shower or watching a movie you can save energy by dimming them. You might already do this manually but getting a smart system to let you do it automatically is even better. This means that you can preset the different levels for the kind of occasion you are likely to want a lower set of lighting for.

Control the Heating in Advance

The biggest chunk of most people’s utility bills comes from their heating or cooling appliances. The benefit of a programmable thermostat is that you can easily adapt it to your needs. Instead of just having it on or off you can adjust the levels to take into account when you are out or when you are most going to need it. You can even control your upvc windows to open and close according to the weather.

Control the Heating from Afar

What do you do with your home’s heating controls when you travel for a few days? Most of us leave them at a reasonable level so that we come back to a house which is heated to the kind of temperature we are comfortable with. Arriving to a freezing cold property which takes ages to heat up is certainly not a good option. A smarter way to do this is by taking advantage of modern ways to control your home’s setting from far away. This way you can switch the heating off before you go and put it back on again remotely before you arrive.