At world mobile congress, Samsung proved its power and launched the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, which was not only the most powerful device but also the most interesting device till date in Android, and now similar thing Samsung is going to do in the mid segment with the reveal of Samsung Galaxy Tab 5.

In the recent tabs from Samsung, we found pretty interesting features for example, Remote PC in which to control the PC remotely is necessary first install an agent on the computer, and thereafter you can access your computer with your Samsung tablet, is not it interesting? And in the various tests this system works quite well, although no delay between our actions and response, whereas response problem is always found in this type of apps, well done Samsung! On the other hand, the input text is a bit problematic because the virtual keyboard takes up much of the screen and can even hide the text we are writing. With a Bluetooth keyboard significantly improves the experience. Also, the tab would come with the Hacom Office, which is an office suite with three applications – Hword, HCELL and Hshow – for viewing and if additional components are downloaded also edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This package offers a lot of options and is a good substitute for Microsoft Office, but we recommend the use of keyboard and mouse, as it is difficult to handle with fingers. And you would find the advanced set of features in Samsung Galaxy Tab 5.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 5: Mid-Price But Powerful Performance

Also, Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 would be powered with the Galaxy Apps Store where we would find four sections: Essentials Galaxy, Galaxy Gifts, Apps for Professionals and Galaxy Specials. In Galaxy Essentials you would find applications that are pre-installed as S Translator, S Note, Story Album, Group Play, Video Editor, etc. In Galaxy Gifts offer few set of paid applications for free, but for limited time.

In the multimedia section, Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 would have two speakers on the sides, located up enough to not accidentally hands clogged. The sound would be no wonder, as expected given the size of the speakers. It would also incorporate very complete player for the music, to visualize the songs by title, album, artist, folder, device (can access remote files) and even stylish thanks to something called Music Square. Music Square, for those whoa re not familiar with other Samsung devices, classifies songs in a quadrant based on four parameters – exciting, passionate, joyful and peaceful – and clicking on a point in that quadrant style songs that are played. The player also incorporates other interesting features like Intelligent Volume to adjust the volume of each track at the same level; Letter to display the lyrics of the song Sound Alive to adjust the equalization; and Adapt Sound to calibrate the sound from the headphones to the response of our hearing. In short, Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 would be complete performance device.