The iphone 6 went marked down on Sept. 19 keeping in mind it is now up for preorder a lot of people are pondering exactly how it stacks up against other leader telephones.

A standout amongst the most regarded and desired Android telephones available is the Samsung Galaxy S5 & Samsung galaxy S7 price. Here is an examination of the specs in the two gadgets.

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Apple iphone 6


As far as plan, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is not that tremendous of a jump from the Galaxy S4. Without a doubt, the corners are somewhat more adjusted, however it incorporates the artificial calfskin support from the Note arrangement, which numerous see as an awful thing.

The iphone 6 is additionally not by any stretch of the imagination an immense jump forward regarding outline from the iphone 5s; nonetheless, the iphone has constantly looked extremely premium and the iphone 6 is no special case. The artificial cowhide on the once more of the Galaxy S5 absolutely does not give the same premium feel as the iphone.

The expansion of the adjusted edges on the gadget is a pleasant expansion and ought to help the gadget feel somewhat more agreeable in the clients hand.


The presentation in the iphone 6 is somewhat superior to that of the iphone 5s, however the change is nothing to get excessively amped up for. The 750×1334 determination show on the iphone 6 is truly no match for the 1920×1080 HD show on the Samsung Galaxy S5.

The presentation on the Galaxy S5 is additionally bigger, coming in at 5.1-inches against Apple’s 4.7-inch show on the iphone 6. This isn’t fundamentally a good thing however, as there are numerous clients who would favor having a littler gadget in their pocket.

Preparing Power

Fruit is presenting its new A8 processor in the iphone 6, keeping in mind it has not authoritatively advertised the rate of the processor, benchmark tests demonstrate that it drifts around the 1.4ghz imprint.

Against the 2.5ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-center processor in the Samsung Galaxy S5, Apple is truly lingering behind as far as pace. Regardless of this present, its paramount to note that the A8 chip is a 64-bit processor while the Snapdragon 801 is 32-bit. Due to this, the A8 processor could conceivably run quicker than Qualcomm’s putting forth, albeit actually it likely won’t.

Memory and Storage

Tragically Apple has chosen not to redesign the measure of RAM in the iphone 6, and will keep on offerring just 1gb. Against the Galaxy S5’s 3gb, the iphone 6 is no match. On the off chance that a client anticipates multitasking a great deal and running high-power recreations alongside other eager for memory applications in the meantime, then they ought to likely consider the Galaxy S5. For the normal client 1gb of RAM ought to be bounty, notwithstanding.

The extent that stockpiling goes, the iphone 6 comes in 16gb, 64gb and 128gb variants, while the Samsung Galaxy S5 just accompanies 16gb or 32gb of capacity. Notwithstanding this, the Galaxy S5 has a microsd card opening, permitting clients to grow stockpiling to up to 128gb.


While the iphone 6 Plus now has optical picture adjustment, which ought to truly help enhance picture quality, the gadget’s more diminutive sibling, the iphone 6, does not have this extravagance. This would have been the redeeming quality of the 8mp cam, yet too bad, against the Galaxy S5’s 16mp sensor, there is no rival the extent that pixel determination goes.

Megapixels are not by any means the only thing that makes up an extraordinary cam, nonetheless. With an opening of f/2.2 and advanced adjustment, the cam on the iphone 6 still has a great deal to offer.

The front confronting cam on the Galaxy S5 is 2mp, which again beats the iphone 6 offering of 1.2mp.

Valuing and Availability

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has been out for some time now, and comes in at $200 on contract. This is the same cost as the iphone 6, which is accessible to buy on Sept. 19. Off contract, both gadgets come in at around $650.


The extent that specs go, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is plainly the predominant gadget. Regardless of this, the outline of the iphone 6 appears somewhat more premium, and the certainty the gadget incorporates ios 8 may be sufficient to influence numerous clients who are utilized to the Apple client interface and want to stay with that. That, as well as numerous clients might not have a requirement for the prevalent specs that the Galaxy S5 offers.