Swimming is one exercise that you can keep practicing till as long as you want to. Also, very few exercises bring as many benefits to an individual as swimming. Quite obviously, therefore, swimming is a recommended exercise for the present-day kids who get little time to relax and have fun amidst their busy schedules. Making sure that your little one learns how to swim from a very early age is advisable also because, you can be assured about the safety of your child in waters.

Experts, today, recommend swimming lessons for kids as young as three-four years old as this is considered to be the most favorable time for learning anything new. However, there are few misconceptions revolving around swimming for kids. While some parents are apprehensive about the security of their child, others are way too concerned about why their child is unable to perform a particular swims stroke. As a swim parent, it is OK for you to be careful and also get rid of any myth about kids’ swimming. The more informed you are the better will your child learn. So, here is a list of such myths along with the facts behind them.

Myth: My child swims beautifully with his/her floaties.

Fact: Swimming with floaties on should not be considered swimming at all.

Well, if your little one is receiving swimming lessons in Peoria, AZ already, you must have observed that floaties are used in the very initial days to help the kid develop a sense of balance. If your kid is swimming with floaties all the time and if you are letting him do so because he swims just perfect with floaties, remember that he will never be able to acquire the life-saving skills that swimming teaches. So, using floaties at times is fine but your child should be considered swimming only when he/she is staying afloat without any sort of aid.

Myth: My child is a comfortable swimmer but is reluctant to put her face in the waters.

Fact: Children who do not want to get their face wet have hidden fears about the water.

Swimming well is one thing and being absolutely comfortable and confident in the waters is another. If your child is learning swimming, the latter should be the main intention. If your little one does not want to put his face in the waters, it is obvious that he is fearful, hesitant and therefore, lacks confidence. Using the floatation devices too much can be a reason behind this fear because these devices make it easier for the kids to keep their heads above the water surface. Excellent swimming lessons from a reputed swims school will let your kid learn the right technique of submerging in the waters and yet, stay calm and comfortable.

Myth: My child will resume his classes once the winter is over.

Fact: Year-round swim lessons can only help your child learn well and develop lifetime swim skills.

This is one common myth that has been doing rounds for quite some time now. Parents should realize that swimming is not just for the summers but for all year round. If your little one learns swimming for a season and then stops practicing for a long time, it is not realistic to assume that he will automatically pick up from where he left. The stroke styles and techniques need to be retaught to him. Consequently, your child will neither be able to learn swimming properly nor attend the cognitive growth that swimming lessons offer.

To let swimming be a regular practice that keeps your child healthy and fresh, the reputed swim schools have come up with indoor swimming pools. In this type of pool, the water temperature is controlled to make sure that your child is not made to suffer from extreme cold. Some of these swim schools offer flexible schedules along with specially designed program allowing parents and children to learn swimming together. So, whether it is the safety of your kid that bothers you or the care and attention he is perhaps receiving in the swim school that concerns you, such programs ensure that things take place the way you want. Enroll your child early, steer clear of all myths and just enjoy your child getting more and more skillful in the waters.