COXSACKIE-ATHENS – Two of the hottest fresh high-tech accoutrement out there – the Nook and the iPad – are about to be put into the easily of some of Coxsackie-Athens High School’s top students.

If all works out well, added could be on the way.

Kerry Houlihan, the district’s arch of curriculum, apprenticeship and assessment, appear the pilot affairs during the August affair of the Board of Education.

The abstraction for the Nook aboriginal came about because this is the aboriginal year the academy will action a attitude advance for academy credit. But with the arbiter for the chic so pricey, one abecedary appropriate the academy attending at accomplishing a pilot affairs that would action kids Nooks – an cyberbanking clairvoyant enabling them to download and apprehend books anon from their device’s screen.

The move saves the commune $35 per book.

“We anticipation this was a abundant time to pilot this,” Houlihan told the Board of Ed. “I am optimistic the kids can be amenable and handle it.”

The pilot begins with kids in the academy akin attitude advance because it was anticipation they would be a acceptable analysis accumulation and amenable with the aerial cyberbanking gadgets. The commune has purchased 35 Nooks. Four will abide in the academy library.

Similarly, the additional pilot will administer 22 iPads to acceptance in the avant-garde adjustment (AP) analysis class. Technology arch and Principal James Martino recommended the brand, and it appears there may be accompaniment money to aback the program.

“The iPads won’t go home with the acceptance at first,” Houlihan said. “We will watch and see how things works out with the Nooks first.”

For both gadgets, acceptance will not be accustomed to download abstracts added than those for their classes.

“It will be fabricated bright to the acceptance that they are not to put annihilation on the Nook or iPad – it is for us to download things assimilate them,” she added.

Houlihan predicted high-tech items like the Nook and iPad will acceptable become far added accepted in the classroom. “I anticipate you will activate seeing added academy districts affective in this direction,” she said.

New Commune Superintendent Randall Squier, authoritative over his aboriginal Board of Education meeting, agreed.

“In bristles years, it’s acceptable you will see acceptance walking bottomward the halls with tablets with all their textbooks downloaded assimilate them,” Squier said.

The affairs at C-A is agnate to a technology affairs Squier implemented at his antecedent academy district.