Now, most of you have a general idea on Photoshop. It is the best way to turn even the lame of all photos into a brilliant masterpiece. It has multiple frames, color selections, and more beautification ideas, which can change the current look of your picture. Photoshop is defined currently as the master of photo editing, which will change pictures towards the betterment.

Now, these days, you might have even come across the term illustrator. And what is the real meaning behind this software? Defined as vector based program, this illustrator is known for its amazing computer algorithms. It helps the picture to grow in size and without getting blurry, even the slightest percent. It is not made out of pixels, like in normal pictures and can help in creating versatile programs. These are best suitable for the generic forms of design projects, which do not involve any form of raster images or photo editing.

Learn about Photoshop:

Before you proceed further to know the differences, it is mandatory to get a basic idea about both the programs. First is the Photoshop. This program is used for modifying some of the graphics or images, and creates bitmap or Raster graphics. As raster images are made using individual colored squares, therefore; it might look a bit jagged. Photoshop pictures are mostly associated with pixel and might lose quality in a quick manner.

This is an amazing choice for all the web designers and photo editors. It comprises of multiple filters, along with tools and special effects, which can change the simple look of a picture to a massive change. And you always have the right to gain complete control over tools, unique filters and your entire picture.

Time for you to know about illustrator:

Once you are through with Photoshop and its basic features, now, it is time to shift your notion towards Illustrator. As defined already, this is a vector based program, used for creating vector graphics. These are free from pixels and will not be blurred, even if you are trying to enlarge the picture double its size. It has some massive algorithm, which prevents it from using pixels.

This is the perfect addition, whenever you are trying to create logo, or any other stuff, which you need to print. It can provide a better printing option. And it is not dependent on resolution, as another plus point. However, this program has one disadvantage. It cannot be used for modifying images, which have already been created. It has less filters and image editing tools, making it difficult for such modifications.

For the logo design:

When it comes to logo design, Illustrator is the best choice of all time. As the images do not have anything to do with pixel, therefore; you can magnify it as much as possible. And that will prevent you from blurring the images, which you are trying to create the perfect logo for your company. It can even avoid any resizing issues, to be sure.

Better for digital art:

In case, you are planning to create clean and graphical examples, then Illustrator is the best one to choose. On the other hand, if you are working on photo based illustrations, then Photoshop is the king of help, around here. Even though illustrator might be your obvious choice around here, but everything depends on illustrations.

For web design:

For most of the website designers, Photoshop is the ultimate choice for designing a website. These graphics mainly sit on pixel based bitmap, and are obvious choice for all those on screen media. But, in case, you are planning to design user interface, then you have to bang on illustrator. It has some amazing advantages over here, which a Photoshop might not be able to offer you with. It will help you to complete the job in a faster motion and even resize the points. These are amazing for creating some reusable components.

Used for multiple purposes:

Well, both Photoshop and illustrator are equally important for creating the best website design or the logo. However, it solely depends on the experts, and the ways, in which they are using it. So, without any further ado, it is mandatory for you to get along with the best team, offering comprehensive help in understanding the difference, and using it too.

Author Bio: Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprakdesign. A Website and Graphic Designing company. He loves to share his thoughts on corporate presentation design, lifestyle design, exhibition design, and more.