People feel very awkward when other people tell about how bad they smell! Even most of them don’t know why they smell very bad while they taking a daily bath. It makes them feel so bad and stressed, they can’t go outside with many friends and feel very alone with that. You may have tried different remedies or methods to eliminate the bad smell out of your body, but still it wasn’t out? The reason may differ for your problem. Here we are providing the most of the cases why people smell very bad, when they are regularly doing the body cleaning job. Find here the information it may be one the reason for your problem.

Towel Properly After Shower

Do You Smell Bad Check These Reasons

It has been proved the area of our body where not much air accessible will odor very bad, similarly after a shower you should rub of the all possible wet areas with proper dry towels. Some people in a hurry, never towel them properly, they left some wet places like under arms, belly, under breasts and lower areas. These are generally won’t get much air. So, it’s become favorite places for bacteria’s and fungus to grow quickly. It slowly pickup to create damage on skin in that area and gives very odd odor out. It is good habit dry off every possible wet place on our body after every shower.

Spicy Food Habits

Do You Smell Bad Check These Reasons1

Spicy food is generally reasons for bad breath, but it is less known fact, it also creates some bad odor out from the body. Strong ingredients used in the curries, spices like garlic, ginger and other spices will create bad gases that will come out of your body after the digestion. These gases are very stinky and smell pretty bad as strong acids will come out.


Do You Smell Bad Check These Reasons2

Sweat is the way to our body uses to eliminate the stress and strong pressure. When most of the professional work under extreme pressure, it is definitely making them sweat a lot. Sweat on place exposed to air will not create much older, but places like underarms, armpits and lower areas will create some bad going environment in the body. The sweat on these areas will create bad smells mixed with dirt in that area on our skin. Having multiple showers in a day will be helpful for those who feel very sweaty in normal conditions too.


Do You Smell Bad Check These Reasons3

When you’re under medical course or prescription, you are suggested to take medicines on schedule daily. In these medicines, there will some type of prescription which will not suit for body work mechanism. These materials inside the medicine will create an uncomforting zone for the some organs in the body which will release pretty bad odors. So it’s also a reason for your body’s bad odor.