The enthralling color, pearly appearance, and magical relevance of this stone make it a preferable investment. Furthermore, the world is acknowledging the shiny white vibrations of this gem for pouring absolute grace on them. Moonstone jewelry varies from opaque to transparent and is produced in other parts of the world. Moreover, the charm resides in the origin, composition, and desirable features, which signifies its profound presence.

An Age-old Trending Stone for Romans and Greeks

The characteristics of Moonstone are more than being just a gemstone in different cultures, thus known to be a sacred discovery. Romanians have crafted the beautiful jewelry from Moonstone almost 2000 years ago. Even a wedding has a special place for a Moonstone ring as a gift. And in the artistic period of nouveau, this gem has seen prominence amongst jewelry designers. Even Europeans have certainly used this stone to heal their ailments, especially sleeping disorders. Thus a cherishable talisman to upgrade individuality.

Why Buyers Love to Invest in This Stone? 

Moonstone is the feldspar mineral that is mainly accepted in the opalescence form. Well, it’s accessible in hues such as, blue, pink, peach, grey, green, yellow, and even colorless. And when it’s about the shine, then adularescence is responsible for displaying the optimum light effect. Precisely, this glimmer enthuses the minds of buyers to enhance their wholesale moonstone jewelry collection.

The clarity of Moonstone varies from transparent to opaque. And in terms of popularity, blue Moonstone holds the priority, which is available in Sri Lanka. With other mines situated in Brazil, Myanmar, the USA, Germany, Australia, Madagascar, India. And if you’re searching for a perfect place to upgrade your gemstone collection, then nothing matches the authenticity of rananjay exports.

  • Important Buying Points For Every Buyer 

  • Analyze The Color of Moonstone 

The first interesting aspect of judging the quality of Moonstone is through their blue shade. This suggests that, a fine variety of moonstone bracelets will always have a considerable amount of blue sheen on its top.

  • How Tough is Your Stone? 

The toughness of stone is another remarkable factor in analyzing the quality of your moonstone earrings. This gem ranges 6-6.5 on the Mohs scale, which isn’t low but requires attention and care from the wearers’ end to maintain its longevity.

  • Pricing Fact is Must 

Moonstone is available in almost every nook and corner of this world due to its growing popularity. And this point assures the moderate to pocket-friendly price. Yes, this is totally an inexpensive yet effective stone that looks better when set into rose gold and sterling silver material. As even the choice of material plays a vital role in deciding the overall value of your jewelry.

  • The Vital c’s of Moonstone 

The cut, clarity, color, and carat define the exact value and quality of your gem. Indeed, these are some of the crucial factors to undertake while planning to buy gemstone jewelry. However, the above aspects are clearly explained but coming on the cut; then, cabochon sums up retailers’ quest. In fact, faceted won’t disappoint you either in a moonstone pendant.

  • Blue Sheen is Everything in Moonstone 

The play of shine also helps an individual decide the authenticity of Moonstone. Just carry the moonstone jewelry in your hand in the absence of light. Once you’re sure of the light display inside your gem, then it’s original. AS the fake varieties usually lack in the glow.

  • Unknown Facts of Moonstone Jewelry 

  • Are you planning to surprise your better half with something romantic? Then the blessings of the moonstone ring will magnify the love and understanding with your partner. This will also rejuvenate the spark and lost connection. From ancient times, this stone is said to enthuse warmth amongst couples.
  • Moonstone is the absolute predictory stone for astrologers. And holds importance among greeks and Romanians. As they always had faith in the power scattering of the moon.
  • Ayurveda believes in the features of Moonstone and adopts this crystal for healing physical and spiritual issues. And also for facilitating hope, affection, stability, and understanding.
  • The feminine aspect of moonstone jewelry brings power to heal women’s problems with comfortability. And looks alluring when worn in a moonstone necklace close to the body.
  • Many people tend to compare the appearance of pearls with Moonstone, perhaps due to the same look. Factually, both of these stones are different in terms of features and healing attributes.
  • The splendid aura of Moonstone inspired the art nouveau movement and fascinated the minds of non-gem admirers to opt for this mystical wonder.