Microsoft has recently unveiled all the functionalities of its latest Office package, MS Office 365. This is Microsoft’s flagship Office package, which has a Home edition for web servers. Until the updated final version of Office 365 releases, you can rent a Home Premium edition from Microsoft with a subscription price of $8.33 per month. Almost five devices are said to be manageable using this software, including PCs, MAC devices and Windows 8 tabs.

Office Home Premium edition includes downloadable versions of MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher and Access. It also enfolds Office Web Apps and that is the reason why we consider that it can actually handle more than five devices. Office Web Apps are basically browser based versions of Word, PowerPoint, OneNote and Excel so to use these, you do not need to download Office. Whenever you want to work on a remote computer and do not want to consider it as one of your five devices, you can make use of Office Web Apps.

Office 365 Home Premium edition is luring its customers by few free offers: a 20 GB online storage space of SkyDrive which otherwise would have cost you $40 per year and international calling on Skype for 60 minutes which is absolutely free.

Let us talk a bit about Google and Open Office,

As it is a pretty renowned fact that, basic version of Google provides its users a free online storage space, which is accomplished by Google Docs. But if you don’t have an internet, you don’t have any software and no access to any of your files in an offline mode.
Open Office is however, a direct competitor of Microsoft when its MS Office tool is a concern. As it is an open source, it is easily available to their users which avoid the need of paying anything to any company. It is an offline tool but you don’t get any web apps to use in this package.

These particular shortcomings of Google & Open Office are, however, bypassed by Microsoft. With Office 365, you can make use of web apps while connected to the internet and can use your files offline.

To know MS Office 365 better, you need to drill down and have a hands-on it. As of now, you can have a glimpse at the official website.

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