Apple has released many new products on the remarkable conference on schedule. The update of iPad product line has been the most long-awaited. New iPads of course have new features, for example, the new iPad mini comes with ultra-high resolution Retina screen this time; and the newest iPad Air is thinner, lighter, and faster with new name. However, the rumored Touch ID fingerprint recognition has not come with them this time. Will you still buy the new realeased iPads (iPad mini/iPad Air) without Touch ID?

In fact, most people will still support iPad. Though Touch ID is not integrated into new iPads this time, to a great extent, the new iPads have met the need of the customers currently. We have made this conclusion based on the following three reasons.

1. iPad Air offers a better mobile experience

ipad air

With a 9.7-inch Retina display with 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution, the iPad Air weighs 1 pound, down from 1.4 pounds, with only 7.5mm thick. It is 20% thinner and 28% lighter than the current fourth-generation iPad. Users who have used 9.7 inches iPad know well that for those who often need mobile use, they still have the impulse to throw their 9.7-inch iPad to the floor when using it outdoor or on the bed though Apple has already well control the weight and thickness of the mould. So, the iPad Air’s 0.4 pounds of body weight reduction will provide consumers with a better mobile experience and it is more comfortable to hold.

2. New iPad Mini has a greater display

ipad black

In daily use, we found that users of the old iPad Mini are very satisfied with its portability. No matter you are walking, sitting, or lying, the iPad Mini won’t be a burden to you wherever you take it to. The only thing that iPad Mini fans complain a lot is its screen resolution. People have been waiting for an update to ultra-high resolution Retina screen of iPad Mini. And Apple hasn’t let us down. The new iPad Mini comes with the long-awaited Retina display. If you are also disappointed with your old iPad Mini’s display and you still want to keep the good portability, the new Retina iPad Mini can be your best choice.

3. Processor has upgraded, running iOS7, more smoothly


Many users find that after their iPhones and iPad have been upgraded to iOS7, overall they don’t feel as smooth as before. The problem seems more serious on iPhone 4S and iPad Mini. If you want the perfect operation and support, an upgrade to hardware like CPU seems to be very necessary. If the previous iPad Mini cannot offer you the ideal fluency, the newest iPad Air and new iPad Mini with 64-bit A7 processor will be your option.

Just like the previous iPad products, the newest iPad Air and iPad Mini are also unable to play Flash SWF videos. If you have to play Flash SWF on iPads, you can convert SWF to MP4 format which is well accepted by iPad. To achieve the conversion, you can go to iTunes Store to get iOrgSoft SWF Converter.