Facebook has become a popular and effective social marketing tool for companies around the world. According to Valued Opinions™ research on Australian social media use, 44% of those aged 14-24 and 39% of those aged 25-34 check their social media accounts 5 or more times per day (women, overall, were more likely to do so). Social media use isn’t limited to young people: nearly a third of adults aged 35-54 check their social media accounts 2-4 times per day. From the results of the online opinion polls, social media can be an important part of any business’ marketing plan.

Managing Your Company Facebook Page

A company without sufficient presence on this social media platform will likely see reduced sales numbers. By following a few simple tips and tricks, you too can manage your company Facebook page, with an eye towards success and quality.

Direct Purchases

Many small businesses tend to get the marketing aspect of social media platforms right, but mess up on one simple fact: direct purchases as an option are necessary in order to see a company page flourish and maximize its potential [1].

What does a direct purchase option do for the company? It enables the company to provide a one-stop solution to a customer’s needs and wants. Most customers do not want to head off to the company’s main website (or worse, a third-party store) in order to purchase a product or service; instead, they want to be able to complete the entire process on the Facebook page. Many consumers will have small attention spans when it comes to surfing on Facebook. It is important to grab their attention as quickly as possible and streamline their ability to make the purchase.


Prospective and current consumers love a company page that is interactive. Customers like being visually wooed, and this can be done by providing images of products and services rendered. This can help customers understand what the company is all about and the type of products or services it provides. It is a simple tactic that is a must for a company page to succeed and flourish over time. Many small businesses will use the company page as a formal and professional setting, but this can sometimes leave a negative impression. It is best to leave those formal conversations for the board room and get away from business lingo. Focus on winning the consumer over by speaking in their language. On the Internet, this begins with images.


Many company pages can be obtrusive and annoying over time. Consumers might be drawn in by the initial appearance, but start getting overloaded by the end. Many companies spend thousands of dollars on customized features in and around the page. This can be nice for a while, but most customers want to focus on the content in the end. If the customer is unable to focus on the content, they will move on to another page (perhaps even the competitors’ page). This is a concern that many small business owners have to balance and work around.


The company Facebook page should be about quality over quantity. One good post can go a long way in winning new customers, while a series of spam-like or boring posts might be obtrusive and turn people off. This is where having a specific team working on the social media platforms can go a long way in garnering success. Social media marketing is a part of business that is quickly becoming a specialized field.

Managing a Facebook page is a vital step in any social media marketing campaign. Once the page is neat and regularly updated with content, business owners can carry out contests and network with other platforms [2] to draw in more clients.

This article has been written by a third party. The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Research Now or its Valued Opinions™ panel. The statistics referred to in this article were collected from pre-screener questions directed to members of Research Now’s Valued Opinions panel during June 2013. The information is presented without warranty, express or implied.

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