Presenting a list of the five best Content Management Systems that can be chosen to build Ecommerce websites. With each having advantages of its each, any one of these can be chosen to build a site that incorporates elements like blogs, forums and shopping stores. These CMS also facilitate optimized SEO for ecommerce sites, which is a must for business.


For any small business owner wanting to be a part of the ecommerce bandwagon, the most important aspect is to build a great user-friendly site on a content management system that offers features best suited to the requirements of the business model. If one consults any offering tip on ecommerce SEO India, they will advice that one of the factors to consider when picking a content management system is how well it can be optimized for SEO.
Eventually, there are a number of great platforms to choose from, and while one might be good for a company with 50 products, another might be good for a company with 500 products.  How you pick also depends upon whether you want to create a blog or a full-fledged web store.
Here’s a list of the 5 best CMS’ to choose from if you’re going to venture into eCommerce.
Business Catalyst
This platform is reliable and user friendly and can be used a good, basic ecommerce website for a small business as well as a large enterprise.  They provide a hosted ecommerce application after sign up and the software facilitates quick creation of blogs, forums and shopping carts. In addition to this there is also the facility of tracking metrics as well as traffic that is easy to understand and analyze.
Magento is an open source ecommerce content management system that has a really good user interface. It is rich in features and puts no constraints on the merchant. As a flexible platform, Magento allows the management of multiple websites, integrates Google Website Optimizer and allows over 50 payment getaways. Some features include complete control over the content, appearance and functionality of the web store, robust marketing and high scalability.
Agencies providing eCommerce related SEO services in India advise that this platform is one of the more affordable ones out there and due to the functions it offers, it is extremely popular with merchants. The reasons are that it is easy to install and simple to use with some amazing front-end features. Additionally, it supports a number of payment getaways and has features that make the product management process simple.
As a platform, Joomla allows developers to build modules and extensions that fit into a website mould.  In addition to its versatility and easy to use approach, Joomla offers other fabulous features such as fast updating and management of content and easy change options where the merchant can change the entire look of the site without too much hassle.
Zen Cart
And finally, there is Zen Cart. Whether one is looking for SEO for ecommerce sites or otherwise, Zen Cart is a great platform to use for website building. Some of its features include easy integrating of diverse payment options as well as language support, easy addition of quality discounts and coupons and different shipping options.
There are a lot more platforms out there that you can use, but the ones listed above are the ones gaining the most trust in the market. If you’ve found one that works better, let us know in the comments!

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