Computer and internet have become two of the most integral parts in the lives of most of them men in the United States. One statistic can prove it quite easily. The statistics say that there is computer in the 80 percent of total houses in United States and 90% of those people who have a computer in their home has internet access.

Slow internetWell, now people download a lot of important files, applications and many other things like songs, videos, movies, games etc. from the internet and for that there is the necessity of internet speed. People pay for getting the high speed internet but the question is that whether they get it or not.

As per the most internet packages are concerned the internet speed actually depends with time and place and it is also true that most of the packages are quite deceiving.

According to one of the customers the internet package she chose was offering the download speed up to 20 Mbps and it was quite fine for her. However, she has finally got the highest speed to 11.4 megabytes each second.

This is not the case of only one customer. It has happened with a lot of other persons also. As per the opinion of most of the customers the internet speed also varies in different places for the connection of the same company.

Some of the service providers of internet connection use the lines of fiber optic which is one of the reasons behind slow internet connection. Besides, if your house is far from the hub of the service provider, the connection will be slow. The speed gets decreased with the increasing distance.

If the service provider is providing you wireless router, the speed will be slow for sure as this kind of connection will be extremely old and it is not able to cope with the fast speed of the internet connection.