People know about NASCAR, Grand Prix, and other events that appear on TV. They have heard about motocross, dirt biking, ATVs, and other motorised vehicles. However, people do not know detailed information about these sports or the people who participate in them. To increase your interest in motor racing, know more about its history and how the sports have remained popular today.

The Growth Of Motorsports Today

The History of Motorsports

Interest in motor racing began immediately after the invention of automobiles. In the late 1800s, people started organising professional races and issuing major awards. For safety reasons, the races were performed in closed circuits as opposed to open roads.

The Types of Motorsports

Motorsports fit into categories that are sorted by the type of motor vehicle and the type of racing. Dirt racing is only performed on dirt roads, while drag racing is only performed on city streets. The different types of vehicles include stock cars, ATVs, sports cars, motorcycles, boats, and monster trucks. All these types of racing have professional organisations along with games and national championships. The less formal types include lawn mower, snowmobile, and pickup truck racing.

Where Motorsports Is Today

Motorsports has grown from a few Grand Prix races in the early 1900s to countless racing events and many different types of motor vehicles. Anything that contains a motor and moves forward can be turned into a motorsport. People of all ages are allowed to compete since modern car safety is not a major concern. Kart racing is a favourite with young people who are not allowed to ride motorcycles yet.

People have invented non-racing motorsports, such as tractor pulling, which requires the contestants to pull a sled across a track. Drifting is another sport that requires the driver to drift and maintain control of the car.

Motocross is a popular type of off-road racing that combines racing and stunt work. The racers ride mainly on dirt roads and perform stunts on different hills and flatlands. In contrast, auto racing is almost always performed on level, concrete roads.

Social media has opened doors for professional racers, amateur racers, their families, and fans. All around the world, people share their love of motorsports on special social media sites. They are able to text, share images, email, and connect with different types of enthusiasts. The three main groups are the fans, the professionals, and the amateurs. There are other types of groups for car manufacturers, event organisers, car designers, and more. As long as you have a particular interest in motorsports, you have a group to join at any time.

There are lovers of music, movies, and arts and crafts, so there are lovers of motorsports, too. It is important that similar-minded people stay connected through social media technology. There are countless sites where people meet, but a few sites where motorsports lovers meet. Formulr is a site that is becoming more popular for those people who want to stay connected. Whether you have raced for 20 years or have just started to show interest, find the right site that caters to the motorsports world.