Generally, when we discuss liposuction, what we actually mean is traditional liposuction surgery. While Smartlipo is a form of liposuction surgery as well, it differs greatly from the traditional method in many ways. Smartlipo is the faster and the less physically taxing version of traditional liposuction which most doctors prefer nowadays. Nevertheless, it only makes sense to be at least aware of the differences and advantages which Smartlipo enjoys over traditional liposuction, so that one can make an informed choice in between the two.


Traditional liposuction is an invasive and very hands-on process which involves the utilization of a cannula and direct manipulation of the fat in the body. The fat is sucked out from under the skin with the cannula, while pushing and prodding the hard fat manually, as necessary. Smartlipo on the other hand, makes use of a medical laser to make the fat more soluble or completely liquefy it under the skin, before sucking it out with a cannula. As you can imagine, the lack of physical prodding and the ease of removing liquefied fat makes Smartlipo surgeries much less damaging, as well as faster than traditional methods. This is also the reason as to why patients undergoing Smartlipo end up with less bruising on their skin than the ones who go through traditional liposuction.

Loose Skin

When all that fat is removed artificially from under the skin in one sudden action, loose skin is an obvious and unavoidable side-effect. However, Smartlipo sessions leave way less saggy skin on the patient than traditional lipo surgeries because the laser used for softening the fat actually tightens the skin as well. Traditional liposuction surgeries have no such benefits unfortunately, so you will need to go for a lot of skin tightening sessions post procedure. Note that one may need to opt for added skin tightening sessions even after a Smartlipo surgery, but the number and the intensity of those sessions should be far less.


Finally, recovery is the biggest advantage Smartlipo has over traditional lipo. A patient will take a maximum of 2-3 days before he/she makes a complete recovery post Smartlipo. Compression clothing will likely be needed for a week, but that’s about it in almost all cases. The old school liposuction surgeries, on the other hand, put a lot of stress on the patients and depending on the particular surgery, it may take a month or even more for them to completely recover from the procedure. In any case, compression garments might be necessary for as long as 6 weeks in some instances.

As can be seen, Smartlipo is the obvious choice, even though in most cases, it costs more than traditional liposuction surgery. The extra money is well worth it, though, considering the advantages it brings with it. The only thing to make sure is that you choose a resourceful and renowned facility such as the London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic for the procedure. Effective and safe as Smartlipo may be, it is only so in the hands of experienced and talented doctors.