Humanity is still alive if you look around you and find people like John H Binkley Jr. Indeed, people are losing faith in humanity just because of the materialistic thinking of the people. There are many people who still believe in humanity and helping others. Therefore, one should always ensure that no opportunity of helping others should be left. A philanthropist is not a person who only helps the needy people rather a person who takes well care of others regardless of his/her conditions.

He is the epitome of humanity because his passion is helping people no matter how hard it is to help someone (financially or morally). He believes that results of philanthropy job are beyond the calculations and it gives you real contentment in this world. Thus, the real meaning of life lies in helping others and making others realize the significance of spreading awareness of humanity. No wealth and fame will be remained immortal but your good deeds will surely make you remember in the heart of the people.

Philanthropy is a Result of Creative Mindset:

Only persons with creative mindset can lead a philanthropy path. It starts with you; you first have to be very generous and gentle. People who know how to treat others gracefully can surely follow the philanthropy path. It is only the helping nature that spread the fragrance of humanity in the society. What he believes is – what one get is enough for his/her living but when one starts giving, it really gives him/her peace and real satisfaction.

Thus people should always be ready to lighten the burden of others so that all stay blessed. Indeed, the Almighty has sent people on this earth to help each other and stay blessed. The real prayer to the God is following the humanity path and helping people whenever you are fetched up with the opportunity to do so.

Is Philanthropy Necessary in the Society?

John H Binkley Jr. asserts that the economy injustice in the society has made the philanthropy necessary because without it, the society will turn into a hell. The humanity is in grave danger, only the philanthropist is the hope for the people to keep it alive. Bear in mind that one can only rise by lifting others. Simply, when you learn, you teach so as when you get, why you don’t give. This is what should be done in the society. Spreading awareness about the philanthropy is something that needs to be done at a rapid pace to make sure that people love and respect each other.

In the next century, people who empower others will be the leaders. No act of compassion and sympathy, regardless how big or small are never wasted. John H Binkley Jr. is always ready for the people to help them, motivate them, encourage them and empower them to become a man of principle and follow humanity path spreading love in the society.