Many states outsource their highway and interstate road work to third-party contractors. These businesses typically finish projects faster and create roadways that are more sophisticated and visually appealing than the roads created by state and federal crews. However, just like government crews, these third-party businesses must have equipment on hand that will help them work safer and establish boundaries and intelligent work zones that do not impede the flow of traffic. You can rent this kind of equipment online and set up a work area that is safe for your crew to work in and still accommodating to motorists who must travel on the roadways.

Speed and Flow of Traffic

When your project calls for you to work on roads that will only partially be closed to traffic, you must use equipment that slows down motorists and also provides direction to about where and how fast they can travel. Equipment like temporary light signals and rumble strips let drivers know when they can go in and out of the work zone and also where the boundaries of the zone lie.

This type of gear eliminates the need for a flag car and a crew person to hold a sign telling cars when they can and cannot go. Instead, motorist can watch the signal and stay within the lanes of the zone. If they stray too far over onto the shoulder or in an area that is being worked on, they will be alerted to merge back into traffic by the rumble strips.

Equipment Haulers

You may not want to use your own vehicle to haul around the heavy work equipment in your zone. You may not want to scar the paint on your work trucks or risk putting dents in the vehicles’ bodies because of the weight of the equipment.

You can still haul the gear to where you need it by renting trailers and haulers. These fixtures attach to your vehicles’ hitches and let you avoid harming your own work fleet. The haulers also can hold numerous pieces of equipment so that you can stay on task during the project.

You want to complete your roadway projects without risking the safety of your crew or motorists. You can restrict drivers’ speed, lay out boundaries, and haul gear around the work zone safely by renting the equipment you need for your project today.