Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing

If you need help figuring out if cloud technology is the right choice for your business you have come to the right place. I will go over all the advantages and disadvantages of using cloud technology. First we will go over the advantages.

More Free Time For Your IT Staff

The first thing that you will notice when using cloud technology is the impact it makes on your IT staff. They won’t have to spend the majority of their time patching and configuring servers and workstations. They can instead spend this time working on things to help streamline the company’s workflow. When you put your IT staff to work figuring out how to get the most effective processes in place you might be amazed at the results.

No More Software Updates

All of the software used in the cloud is updated by their staff. That is another headache that gets cleared up. Software that is not updated can not only cause compatibility issues, but also security issues. Another way the cloud can help you is in case of disaster. If something were to happen to your office and your servers get damaged it could cause big problems. When you have all your data in the cloud you never have to worry about your data getting lost or damaged.

Get Your Best Staff Members Working Together

With your data available to be shared all over the world staff can collaborate no matter where they are. In the past you had to be in the same room to do any real collaborating. That’s not true anymore. Some of your staff might get to spend extra time at home too. As long as you have a connection to the Internet it’s possible to get a lot of work done from anywhere.

Cut Down On Your Expenses

Saving money is another great reason to move to the cloud. You will save lots of cash by not having to pay for software licenses and updates. Lots of applications in the cloud are free, and if you do need some paid ones you can only buy what you need. Sometimes you can even find a better deal by paying for a package of applications monthly.

Get The Same Power As The Big Guys

Cloud computing also levels the playing field. Your small startup will have the same power that a fortune 500 company does. In the past you would never be able to get access to this level of raw power on a small budget.

A Few Disadvantages Of The Cloud

Unfortunately not everything is perfect in the cloud. One of the biggest drawbacks is security. While most cloud services offer a strong level of security it’s not unheard to hear of a cloud company getting hacked. If you store sensitive data online you always need to be aware of this risk.

Ongoing costs is another thing you need to think about. When you buy a new server for your company you will have that machine forever. When you use cloud computing you need to pay monthly costs forever.

While there are a few possible downsides the benefits are too great to ignore cloud computing any longer. From massive scalability to DDoS protection the cloud is an impressive new technology.

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