A rich communication service or RCS connects the conventional telecom services with the innovation and intelligence of the internet.  The rich communications services deliver an enriched set of end user solutions that transcends beyond the competitive communications chain.  Also referred to as ‘joyn’, rich communications is promoted by GSMA to offer subscribers innovative features that enhances the traditional multimedia communication forms, while also combating the increasingly growing, over-the-top services.

Rich communications solutions offer the significant advantage of performing across any device or network and neutralizing the threat of over-the-top (OTT) competitors.  The rich communications services is taking the mobile world by storm and revolutionizing the way people interact.  Taking the user-experience beyond SMS and voice, this service delivers simultaneous instant messaging and chat, along with interactive video and file sharing, deployed from any network type or device.  Rich communications connects existing multimedia platforms with innovative applications services that are guaranteed to express customer-retention and define revenue growth.

By penetrating intelligent communication applications, your consumer gains access to the power of the advanced communication IP-based network.  Rich communications applications enhances user-experience and deliver a comprehensive range of client featured solutions.  The GSMA ecosystem supports the service, privacy, and presence within the IP messaging framework.  This would suggest that the user will be provided alluring schemes, along with intuitive functionality.  The IP multimedia subsystems enable users to discover real-time service, providing augmented voice solution and multimedia technologies that channels the gap between the traditional and the emergent- generation of messaging services.

The rich communications solutions are fully compatible with any network, giving the operator the freedom to choose the best multimedia platform to support their current business processes and strategy.  More so, the service specifications optimizes an operator’s time-to-market by simplifying service delivery.  Because the unified RCS baseline solutions allow the deployment of any third- party applications, it effortlessly generates a defined and marketable overhead.

A business can deploy innovative features that are designed to enhance the multimedia technologies that you already have.  Operators can manage individual or group chat assemblies, while also exchanging videos and images.  Rich communications solutions also allow the user to launch these features at the same time that user is engaged in chat or voice calls.  Additionally, the multimedia messaging conferences can be easily launched from the device’s existing address book.  Not only will the address book contain the traditional contacting information, the preferred device will be able to integrate enhanced data and communication technologies.  The contact list will have the ability to deploy file transfers, video share, image share, and chat capabilities.

In response to a rich communications service subscription, over-the-top networks are becoming less relevant.  RCS has a much more lucrative advantage across all networks and devices; therefore increasing the competitive position in the industry.  The real-time, user-enhanced experience is affordable and denotes upfront investments.  The GSMA offers a rich communications service that gives your consumers seamless access to a quality, unified communication suite.  Rich communications specifications can be deployed by simply selecting the unique multimedia features and capabilities in chat, and file or video share.