Are you a web writer tired of constantly trying to optimize your content, so that readers can find it, but to no avail? Well if you are, then we have good news for you. Inbound writer in the first social writing application that delivers real-time intelligence on what your online audience is reading, sharing and discussing. Writing content for an online business is a competitive business, and in order to stay ahead of the competition you need a leg up on what content your audience is looking for, the specific keyword phrases, and the popularity of those keywords. That is exactly what inbound writer is designed to do, to keep you updated on the specific facts, which will make your content more relevant, and search engine friendly.

First and foremost, inbound writer’s main job is to provide you with a bigger insight as to what your audience is looking for. This intuitive program is able to scour blogs, message boards, social media sites, product reviews, and any other business and user generated content, to determine the popularity of the keywords and phrases that relate to your online content. Secondly it guides you on how to create content that is not only searching engine friendly, but also relevant well written material. Inbound writer has a feature known as a “strategy selector”, whose main function is to give you feedback on your content’s search engine friendliness, social media popularity and your competitive avoidance, if any.

Finally, it acts a guide on how to edit your material. Once optimized, you should be able to see how your content score changes, in real-time, with every key amendment your make to your online content. It does this through a feature known as an interactive Editor. A well written article should have a balance between good content structures and keyword phrases. Therefore, think of it as the friendly editor you never had, who is always there to give you some critical but constructive advice, to gain more popularity for your content.

To manage your documents more easily, inbound writer allows account holders to access their content remotely, through a cloud-based delivery model. One key advantage for this system is the provision of automatic back up services. Inbound writer is designed to cater for both individual writers, as well as large content creation teams.  The cost of subscription will vary according to your needs. For instance, you can optimize up to 8 documents for free each month, or get an unlimited plan for 20$ a month.