Giving makeovers to your place is very important to keep your house fresh and always new. But they also enable you to add value to your house if one day you decide you want to sell it. Among the makeovers you can do, replacing a floor can make a big difference and greatly influence the pricing of your house. You have lots of options when it comes to floors, but there is no doubt that real wood flooring is very high in demand, and consequently can increase the value of your property dramatically. Not only do they add class and sophistication to a place, they are also awesome because of their lifespan! If you think wood flooring could be the floor for you, here are some more details that could help you to take the plunge.

Improving The Value Of Your House By Changing The Floor


One to the main features of real wood flooring is their endurance. They withstand heavy footfall really well and are resistant to scratching if you apply a suitable finish to the floor. In the case of spillages, you need to make sure you remove them straight away in order to avoid stains. What makes a wood floor truly amazing is that if you maintain it correctly, it can last more than a lifetime – you just need to sand and refinish from time to time.


Sanding and refinishing from time to time also helps to make your floor look new and fresh instead of worn out and tired overtime. In the case of regular maintenance, wood floors are dust and allergen repellent, so this is very helpful for maintaining a high level of hygiene – but you still need to clean your floor. With wood flooring, you don’t need to worry, as the only thing you need to do is sweep and vacuum regularly to collect debris and dirt on the surface. When using a vacuum, you need to pick the right attachment, otherwise you could damage the floor. For a deeper cleaning, you can use a damp cloth, but be careful that there is not too much water. If too much water penetrates the wood, it can make the board swell and therefore damage the floor forever.


This is one of the main cons of wood flooring – it is one of the more expensive options. Because of the value it can give to your house and its long lifespan, you should see a solid wood floor as a long term investment. Other floors that are cheaper may need to be replaced many times during your lifetime, whereas hardwood flooring won’t. However, if you are looking for something more short-term you have other alternatives that imitate the looks of the wood but without the price tag, such as laminate or LVT.

Wood flooring can mean a lot of money upfront, but as a long-term investment they are totally worth it. You won’t need to replace them later either, which means no additional money spent on flooring in the future. Wood flooring also means your home will have a gorgeous and luxurious look that will dramatically increase your house’s worth.