Clothes, since early times were simply for covering our body and protecting you from the elements. Later on, they morphed into a necessity and now a fashion statement. Every generation contributes in innovative ways. For example, social media has gained an alarming importance through the passage of time. It has completely revolutionized itself. Social media is used as a tool to amplify a business in terms of awareness.

How Your T Shirt Can Boost Your Brand

How T Shirt can help in Creating a Brand Value?

T shirts are worn by every possible age group and gender. A small kid to an elderly lady to a university student. All prefer t shirts because of the comfort and style they provide. They are cheap and affordable also. We wear them not just at parties and to uni but also dress them up at night. Because of their extensive reach they remain one of the best alternative for escalating brand awareness. T shirts are used as brand symbols by various companies.

According to a survey conducted in US, there are about 7 million T shirts printed. Brands like Hsu and Springer have made millions in 2014 alone. Selling customized T shirts, is a booming business. Simple slogans like “Keep calm and ask a Librarian” have taken centre stage and are here to stay no matter how crazy that sounds.  

How Your T Shirt Can Boost Your Brand

How are T Shirts used as a Symbol?

Custom printed t-shirt makers print your messages accompanied with the logo, image or name of your company. No matter how funny or catchy the message is. If it resonates with the generation it will surely take off. Costs differ on the basis of the number of t shirts you are getting. If you are giving a order in bulk then it will be cheaper.

To escalate sales, social media is always present at your disposal. Intense use of Facebook and Twitter for advertising can help you boost your sales.  Advertising in the right place is also important.

Identify the leverage point of your customer or your group and make use of that. Try to understand what things he/she relates to most? Or what are they most attracted to? Answers to these questions will take you closer to your customer and to making sales.  Online shopping is an added advantage. They offer you range of size options and an unlimited range of colours to choose from. You can get anything printed as this is only limited by your imagination.

Unique ideas like this will help you stand out from the crowd. There are hundreds of companies selling t shirts online, but selling T shirts that can be customised by the customer is exclusive and quirky.

Are you still not convinced about the power a T shirt can bring to your brand? In a jaw dropping instance, a US t shirt printing company and a novice in the industry with only 3 year experience, sold 7 million t shirts in 2014 solely on the power of social media. Food for thought….