After having a child, many women feel as if they aren’t as healthy as they were before. Modern mothers have many stressors, as well as having children, they also may be running their own business or working a full-time job. Therefore, it’s important that new mothers look after themselves as well as their new baby, and make sure that they are staying as healthy as they possibly can be. There are many ways you can stay healthy after giving birth, so make sure you incorporate these into your daily life. 

Keep Taking Prenatal Vitamins

Don’t throw away all of those prenatal vitamin bottles that you were taking before just yet! It has been proven that new mothers greatly benefit from carrying on taking prenatal vitamins after they have given birth. Your body loses a lot of vital nutrients during the stress of pregnancy, so it’s important that you take vitamins in order to regain them. They can help you feel much better during your postpartum period, as common prenatal vitamins such as iron and vitamin C help with your energy levels, which can be low after giving birth. If you are breastfeeding, this becomes more important, as taking your vitamins helps your child to get needed nutrients as well. 

Do Your Kegels 

You may have some issues following surgery with your bladder, as pregnancy can change your body in a number of significant ways. It’s common to have bladder problems after childbirth, so don’t panic or worry about this. Instead, try to do kegel exercises in order to strengthen these muscles and help you regain the bladder control you had before pregnancy. If you’re particularly struggling with this, you should consider seeing a pelvic health therapist, who can guide your exercises and help you with recovery. 

Don’t Overstress Yourself 

Being a modern mother can be very stressful. There are many factors that could be contributing to your anxieties and fears post-pregnancy. For example, many women go through a stressful and tiring pregnancy, and the effects of this don’t just go away after childbirth. Taking care of a child as well as worrying about work and the home environment can make you feel very stressed. To add to this, if you’re worried about staying healthy and ‘bouncing back’ after pregnancy, this could all become overwhelmingly stressful!


If you’re stressed, you can’t be healthy. High levels of cortisol can have negative effects on both the brain and body. You need to focus on ways that you can take time for yourself and de-stress without guilt. Alleviating stress and fully relaxing after giving birth is very important for your recovery. Never feel guilty for asking for alone time and time to de-stress! There are many breathing techniques and exercises that you can use to de-stress, as well as take time to do the things you did before becoming a mother, such as your hobbies and interests. 

Talk With Friends 

Many people consider motherhood to be lonely at times, and loneliness is not good for our mental health. We need human interaction in order to function correctly, however, if you’re on maternity leave, you may not be getting the social interaction that you need. Make sure to keep in contact with friends and family, and people that can help you through this transition period. Talking through your feelings is one of the best ways to get through anxieties, fears and problems. If you can’t easily leave the house due to your recovery, make sure to keep in touch with your best friends through social media or phone calls. 


If you’re having trouble de-stressing post-pregnancy, you should try meditation. Meditation has been proven to help mothers postpartum, as it helps them alleviate the stress caused by pregnancy. It allows you to be more present in your mind and helps you to rest better. Many people find that listening to binaural beats in the evenings helps your brain to become more rested. There are many guided meditation apps and videos available online, so you can easily find meditation guidance that will help you. 

Take Time For Yourself 

Many new mothers become so busy taking care of their newborn babies that they forget to take time for themselves! It is not bad to ask for help and take time to recharge your batteries and reset. Setting out a scheduled time in which you can rest and take part in your hobbies and interests is a great way to improve your mental health. It is very important that you look after yourself as well as your baby, so don’t feel guilty about taking time for yourself. 

Post Pregnancy Workouts 

Pregnancy can change your body in a lot of different ways. However, if you keep your mind and body active after pregnancy, you can keep yourself healthy. Postpartum exercises that work out your torso are very important, as this is the area that takes the biggest brunt of pregnancy changes. Core strengthening exercises are a great way to improve the muscles that are stretched from pregnancy. Light cardio such as walking is also beneficial for recovering after surgery, so getting your steps in is a good idea. Focus on staying healthy instead of returning to your body pre-pregnancy – it is normal to gain weight when you are pregnant. Be kind to your body, and don’t overdo the exercises. Rest as much as possible. 

Eat Great Food 

Your diet is one of the most important parts of your recovery. Many new mothers find it difficult to find the time to prepare, cook and eat healthy foods on top of caring for a newborn baby full time on top of recovering from giving birth. However, there are many ways in which you can increase your nutrient intake without making unnecessary work for yourself. Improving your diet is one of the best ways to recover. Researchers who studied women who had a mummy makeover found that increased protein can help your body heal scars. 


There are many ways in which you can make eating healthily much easier for you. For example, buying pre-cut meat and vegetables to cook with can reduce your preparation time massively, making it easier for your family to cook meals. You should also look into meal-planning recipe box services before the baby arrives, which can reduce your family’s mental load massively. Another good way to increase your intake of Vitamin C is to buy easy-to-eat fruits, such as apples, bananas and pears. Because you can just grab these and go, they are a very easy way to eat well. This way, your family can eat healthily without spending all their time in the kitchen.