It is usually harder to attract a new customer or client than it is to entice an existing client or customer to purchase more. But in order to grow, we must attract a never ending source of new clientele. How do we target people in our local area to give us a try? Below are a few ideas that do just that.

Tips On How To Target Your Local Customers


The very word “free” grabs our attention. This is why companies offer samples. When you are offered a free sample in the market place, and handed a discount coupon for the product, many people will come. More than a few of those people then feel they “should” buy your product. We would like to think it is because our brand of ice cream is creamier or our brand of cookies is tastier and that may be so. But the reason the free sample and coupon work is the unspoken rule that we must repay a kindness with a kindness.

With that said, find a way to give something away for free in your local area. Give free samples, free tours of your business, free coupons to “bring a friend”. Depending on the type of business you have, find a way to give something away.

Brand it!

Your name and your logo are your brand. Your brand is your promise to the customer to provide a product or service. Your brand is everything. Regardless of what you are giving away, “Brand it”. Your people should be wearing your brand as they distribute the samples or coupons. The leaflet, brochure or flyer should carry your brand and your logo. When walking through your facility, your brand should be everywhere. Show it proudly and stay true to it. This is what will register in your customers mind. Even if they forget your personal name, or even the street you are on; your brand is recorded in their minds and they will find you when the need arises.

Be smart enough to know what you do not know. There is no shame in not knowing how to target and approach a target audience. We all have things we do well and we all have things we hire out to others who do well. Your business may be making coffees. You may know everything there is to know about making coffee. You may have the best suppliers, the most unique flavours and specialty blends like no other coffee maker. But you may not know anything about direct marketing. Admit that there are other companies that know everything there is to know about direct marketing. They know how to divide your local areas into workable demographics. They know how and when to send out your leaflets or flyers. They have studied the art of marketing. They know how much is too much. They may not know a coffee bean from a peanut but they can market your product and provide you with a good marketing base. The price of hiring a professional is an investment in your future. It reaps more return and in the over-all picture it cost much less than doing it, with your own people and not doing it well.

Targeting your local area is a major part of your business. Local business not only helps your bottom line, it gives you good standing in the community. When you build your business and your brand; you directly contribute to the community in which you are located. Once your customer base is established, it is easier to build your business. As we established; it is easier to entice a current customer to buy than to attract a new customer. If you are looking for more information on this topic, Letter Box Media is a good place to begin.