Most pregnant women suffer from heartburn conditions during pregnancy. This may be due to action of Progesterone hormone that is responsible for relaxing the linings of your inner stomach walls. Due to fetus growth, more acid is released inside the stomach.

How To Regulate Heartburn During Pregnancy

Apart from hearthburn meds during pregnancy, there are a number of ways, in which this condition can be regulated, according to experts. This is important to maintain good health of growing fetus, and mother.

Avoid over-eating – It is advisable to consume small quantity meals, at a time, to avoid morning sickness. Even if you have good appetite, still you should avoid over eating to its fullest. It is also advisable to eat healthy foods during pregnancy. Over eating can lead to heartburn problems. You can also try and increase your number of meals per day, divided in smaller quantities.

Avoid Bolting – It is best to chew your food well and slowly, before bolting it down through your stomach. Eating fast, can lead to heartburn and other digestion related problems. When chewing your food, always ensure you enjoy every bite of it to its fullest.

Drink small amounts of liquids – Avoid drinking glass full of milk when eating. You can sip small quantities of liquid, when eating food. You can compensate your liquid intake by including smaller beverage sessions in between your meals.

Walking after meals –It is advisable to walk for a few minutes, after having your meals. In between you can also relax for some time. Experts usually advise to avoid lying down on bed immediately after meals. This can lead to heartburn condition, during pregnancy.

Avoid eating before bed time – Pregnancy infections medicine may not be advisable during pregnancy, so it is best to take precautions. Sleeping immediately after meals is one of the leading causes of heartburns. Most experts also suggest, having meals at least two or three hours before bed time. This also provides with sufficient time for your body to digest your meal.

Maintain right sleep posture – When sleeping it is best to maintain upright posture, with your chest elevated. It is also important to take a comfortable pillow and bed mattress. You can place the pillow gentle to elevate your body in the right position. This helps in regulating the flow of acid, in the stomach region. It further prevents heart burns and other digestion related problems.

Avoid triggers – Certain types of food products can often trigger heartburn condition, during pregnancy. Food like citrus, chocolates, caffeine and fats should be avoided. These are foods that can trigger heartburn condition. You also need to keep a track of other foods that can trigger such conditions. These factors may vary, from one person to another.

Avoid wearing tight clothes –Tight clothes may only make you feel uncomfortable during pregnancy. It could also force more acid to release in your abdomen. Experts suggest, wearing loose fit cloths is best during this time.

Include more of ginger – Ginger can have a soothing effect on heartburn. You can include ginger candies and ale in your regular diet, after meals. This will also help in eliminating digestion related problems and prevent nausea.

No mater what medication or diet you take during pregnancy, always ensure to consult your medical expert.